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  1. indypharmd

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    I think a few posters have put the triple crown in perspective - it serves to recognize kid's dedication to wrestling over a continuum. Mattyb hits the nail on the head for youth wrestlers and the recognition of the triple crown. Having a 7th grader, the TC has kept him interested in learning more FS & GR (which he gets nightly at Red Cobra after folkstyle is over). It was a very happy day in the house when he said to hell with baseball, I want to do more FS & GR. As for GR, it's great for kids that are bigger and don't shoot a lot of legs. Also, add in the 4th TC for a <Pound Sign>HendricksCountySmellsFunny #paintrain 7th grader who came very close to winning MS State, too..!
  2. Some photos of leighton7676 from day 1 of the 2018 Middle School… https://t.co/XP3bUeYoJV

  3. leighton7676 had two of the best coaches in the country in his… https://t.co/XcjTmvls0W

  4. RT @BEMSBulldogs: Jones - @AllThingsBEMS - 182 lb. Champion https://t.co/ysUrsLDH3i

  5. leighton7676 wrestling up 20 pounds and winning the 2018 NSC… https://t.co/oTzU7lWYJY

  6. @LJones7676 putting in the work with Coach Red... https://t.co/gttVau20iO

  7. RT @LJones7676: Thank you for the invite for my second @PFHOFAcademy camp! #teamINfootball #Youth1 @AlPopsScouting @BHSdogsfootball @Diamon…

  8. Nice job @BEMSBulldogs for a 2nd place finish vs. a combined Center Grove program. G8 wins vs Perry and Franklin Ce… https://t.co/FUpc6UFYWj

  9. indypharmd

    IHSWCA Middle School State

    What Leighton will wrestle at MS State will depend on how well he can get to 176 for McDonogh duals Jan 27...
  10. RT @PFHOFAcademy: Check out #MyHudlHighlight - on @Hudl at - https://t.co/NTW72Z4IEs #calltothehall

  11. Brownsburg representing on Team Indiana 7th grade Class of 2023!… https://t.co/GUkKXfI1G5

  12. RT @IndyDRJ: @teamINfootball 7th Grade beats Team Southern California 49-0 to win the Game 4 Life National Championship. The Brownsburg 5…

  13. RT @LJones7676: Headed back to Canton for some unfinished business #Youth1 @PFHOFAcademy @teamINfootball https://t.co/I6qcEIZgAo

  14. #47 for the 2pt conversion! https://t.co/Xh44Ok1qZB

  15. @topgolfindy with @IndyDRJ and family... @lauriejones222 with the form of the evening... https://t.co/AzbVLPqvag


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