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  1. LionsFan

    Rushville looking for dual match

    We have filled out our schedule. Thanks to those who showed interest.
  2. LionsFan

    Rushville looking for dual match

    We are still looking for one more dual meet. I would prefer it be in January if possible. Email me at mathewsm@rushville.k12.in.us if you are interested.
  3. LionsFan

    Looking for coaching position

    How far would you be willing to drive?
  4. LionsFan

    Rushville Looking for 2 Duals

    The Rushville Lions are looking for two duals for the upcoming season. Would like to have one the first or second week of January. The second can be more flexible. Please email me at mathewsm@rushville.k12.in.us if interested.
  5. LionsFan

    Melloh and Mulkey

    Was anybody else impressed how quick Snyder got his tie off?? Must of been a clip on!
  6. LionsFan

    New Castle Semi State Predictions

    106: Bailey, Cottey, Hadley, Simone 113: Black, Eldred, Lowery, Oliver 120: Fair, Walendzak, Mattingly, Stapleton 126: Hall, Smiley, Viduya, Ragle 132: Noehre, Mosconi, Phillips, Wilkerson 138: Melloh, Moore, Walton, Coleman 145: Lohrey, Groves, Servies, Ball 152: Wagner, Browning, Rodgers, Warren 160: Eiteljorge, Coffman, Berkebile, Mosconi 170: Warren, Mahan, Lowe, Klettheimer 182: Allred, Below, Morgan, Gobeyn 195: Penola, Hansen, Irick, Bohman 220: Parris, Cornwell, McClaine, Burton 285: Obst, Fuller, Adams, Williams Picked a few upsets along the way. Should be a great day of wrestling!
  7. LionsFan

    New Castle Semi State Predictions

    Also, the 106 from Centerville is out. Richmond’s Sean Alexander is the alternate. Tough break for Phillips too. He had a great shot to punch his ticket this year.
  8. LionsFan

    Richmond Regional

    106: Otto SD, Vredeveld Ce, Schneider EC, Condo Mi 113: Black NC, Sollars K, Lonneman Mi, Busby Ce 120: Stapleton La, Wells GB, Condo FC, Owens NC 126: Hall SD, Phillips Ce, Ragle NC, Rose GB 132: Phillips Ce, Boggs SD, Negangard EC, Brown CCL 138: Pugsley Shen, Walton SD, Wolf EC, Walsh K 145: Lowery Shen, Humbert FC, Otto SD, Redd Co 152: Browning FC, Roberts La, Rohrig Mi, Clark Ce 160: Coffman UC, Massey Co, Suding FC, Noble EC 170: Hunter GB, Calderon Ce, Bohman FC, Reeves NC 182: Allred Shen, Rolfes La, Griffith Ru, Jackson Tri 195: Bohman FC, Utterback SD, Rohrig Mi, Sturm Ru 220: Parris La, Clouse NC, Rohn Co, Dick SD 285: Wisner K, Joya Ru, Koors GB, Snipes EC
  9. LionsFan

    Best Seeding Meeting Quotes

    Heard this one tonight...well my kid pinned him and your kid only decisions him...or my kid lost to him in overtime...it was his one bad match all year and he should have won
  10. LionsFan


    We had three kids out sick. Hopefully they will be healthy for next weekend.
  11. LionsFan


  12. LionsFan

    Seeding Meeting Change???

    The only wrestler who could be seeded above your example is a kid that is 12-12 with no forfeits. I think at that point you are splitting hairs. I have seen weight classes in years past where the weight classes were down and wrestlers with losing records earned seeds. Typically wrestlers who are seeded have records that are much better than .500. I think the bigger issue again is the blind draw of the pigtail match.
  13. LionsFan

    Seeding Meeting Change???

    A wrestler's record will travel with him if he drops a weight class. If wrestler A is 16-8 and 195 and drops to 182, the record still applies. If he doesn't have any forfeits, he will still be 16-8 at 182. If the kids wrestle solid competition all year, it won't matter. I think the bigger issue is drawing the pig tail match blindly, but that is a whole other can of worms.
  14. LionsFan

    Seeding Meeting Change???

    There are so many other criteria's that will take place before you get to winning percentage. The only weight classes where I see this being an issue are your lighter weights, and if there are only 4-6 kids in the weight class, it isn't going to matter. I wonder if teams use this criteria at the conference meets as well.
  15. LionsFan

    Notable win 1-6

    It did not. Each team wrestled four duals. That was each wrestlers 5th match of the day.

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