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Everything posted by LionsFan

  1. Rushville is looking for a paid assistant varsity wrestling coach for the upcoming season. Please email me if you are interested at mathewsm@rushville.k12.in.us. Thanks. Coach Mathews
  2. Eastern Hancock is looking for a new wrestling coach as well.
  3. Are you guys having RTC tomorrow?
  4. Actually it wasn't too bad. I started at semi state and saw there were zero seniors so I started looking at regionals. Once I found the three seniors, I looked back at their sectional to get more info. Maybe an hour total. Hopefully at least one of the three will be able to compete.
  5. Email either Mark or JD. JD sent my wrestlers certificates in the mail to my house.
  6. So I did a little digging. The furthest advancing senior was eliminated at regionals, and there were three of them. Sean Johnson of Elkhart Central was eliminated by Aiden Sprague of East Noble, LaDonis Williams FW Northside was eliminated by Colten Weimer of Garrett, and Aye Oo of FW Southside was eliminated by Elliot Cornewell of FW Bishop Dwenger. Oo was runner up in the New Haven Sectional, while Williams of FWNS was 3rd. Oo beat him 13-4. Johnson was the 3rd place finisher at the Elkhart Memorial Sectional. How far back will they go to fill the lineup? Oo was 26-7, Williams was 26-9, and Johnson was 31-12.
  7. How funny would it have been if instead of shaking Donahue’s hand, he gave him a bite of the sandwich?!?! #mindblown
  8. Looks good to me other than 145...I got Lee.
  9. Totally guess, but he looks a solid 265
  10. He moves well for a big guy! Too bad that match wasn’t under the lights! He picked up a new fan!
  11. Andrew Howe was one match away from doing this his senior year. He beat Duckworth in the finals 22-9
  12. Cernus looked tough! Is an actual Indiana guy?
  13. I have no dog in the fight, that being said, I was standing behind the table during that match and I thought you made the right call. The fall came just after the buzzer.
  14. I believe at the State Finals
  15. That is a ticket round match.
  16. Richmond runs four mats for the quarters and semis, then does championship on one may and consos on another mat. Makes the day go quick. We were done by 1:30.
  17. Some ticket round/first round matches at New Castle. Always a meat grinder! 106 Carrender LN vs Otto SD/ Anthony Frank Necessary Ri/ Crousore HSE vs Dickey Cath/ Perry WC Chundi Carmel vs Glithero Ron 113 Seltzer Cath vs Haggerty Perry Gordon Law/ Hughes LN vs Hooper Carmel/ White NP Pierson WC vs Jefferson LC 120 Owens NC/ Hadley Lapel vs Stewart WC Galbraith NCent vs Mosley NMont 126 Stapleton Law vs Walendzak Cath Slivka Ron bs Brown PH Wilkerson MV vs Ross WC 132 Bailey Cath vs Beatty WC Johnson NMont vs Bryant NCent 138 Holman Carmel vs Smith Perry Phillips Cent vs Rowlett WC/ Wilson Cath 145 Theriot Carmel vs Warren Perry Graves WC vs Dunasky GCath Hall SD vs Leavell LC 152 Rodgers Cath vs Coleman WC 160 Lowe NMont vs Harrington NCent Slivka Cath/ Taylor WC vs Hiner HSE 170 Saez West vs Wagner Cath Mahan Ron vs Kendrix MV/ Calderon Cent Coffman UC vs Lowe NMont Klettheimer Frankton vs Hart Carmel 182 Flipovich Luth vs Todd PH/ Farrell Fish Combs Hag vs Sterrett MV 195 Heldt Carmel vs Roudebush Tipton 220 Mitchell WC/ Guhl Cath vs Irick HSE Webster NMont vs Young FCent Browning North vs Campbell PH 285 Watts NCent vs Hubbard WC/ Williams Carmel
  18. First round starts at 9:30..they will go right into the semi finals afterwards, then take a 20-30 min lunch break before the finals. My prediction is finals begin around noon.
  19. I’ll check with ours. Thanks!
  20. Coach do you know if they are notifying all schools? I have not heard anything yet.
  21. If that is the case, they need to notify the host regional, and they will alert the rest of the participants.
  22. According to the rules, if all teams practice Friday, no additional weight allowance will be given..seems kinda silly if you miss practice all week but practice Friday not to have additional allowances though
  23. Depends on if teams can practice Friday. If they are out Friday, I believe the max they would get would be 2 pounds so 106 would be 110. If all school are able to practice, then no additional weight would be allowed.
  24. Do we get bonus points if it is already listed?
  25. I’m guessing the forfeits will be it. I can’t see the IHSAA making and changes right now. Guess we will see in the morning.
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