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  1. At 78, Adam Bousman from Rushville is a Junior. He is on the Junior HM list. Also at 159, it should be Lowell Joya, not Lowell Joys from Rushville. Thanks!
  2. Saw Ragle defaulted out after the first match. Hope he’s okay.
  3. LionsFan

    Rushville vs. Shelbyville

  4. East Central is very dominant with only three Seniors in their lineup.
  5. The should wait until Sunday to release it.
  6. My favorite has to be in 2013, our heavyweight Joe Garland of Rushville was 34-1 going in to Semi-State. Beat Trawick at Regionals in OT. Got through the ticket round and lost a tight 3-1 match to Donte Winfield in the semis. Lost 4-3 to Ramsey of North Mont. Gave up a TD in the final 15 seconds. I was devastated for him. We wrestled Oglesby from BD Friday at state and won 3-1. Matched up with Bartoszek from Hanover Central and won by fall before wrestling Wesley Bernard from Cathedral in the semis. The match was tied 1-1 with about 30 seconds to go and we got a TD on the edge to go up 3-1 and I felt great, but we got called for locking hands to make it 3-2 with about 12 seconds left. It was the longest 12 seconds of my life. We were able to ride him out for the win. Then Joe wrestled well but dropped the finals match 5-1 to Winfield. Such an awesome ride to be apart of!
  7. Graduated in 2006, wrestling at 145. Now I’m at 190.
  8. Decatur Central
  9. Mount Vernon (Posey)
  10. LionsFan

    Noblesville vs. Rushville

  11. LionsFan

    Rushville vs. Zionsville

  12. LionsFan

    Rushville vs. Frankfort

  13. Happen to us last weekend. We lost to East Central 78-6. Two of their wins were forfeits, rest were pins, and our win was by pin.
  14. This was our first year coming to the Cub Classic. Very well ran tournament. I would have loved to have had a full New Albany team there, and a few others to field a full tournament, but I know some things happen. Good luck in the state tournament!
  15. He has been injured. Centerville came to our tournament the second weekend in December and he told me he had hoped to be back for team state. I’m guessing he will be back in time for sectionals.
  16. Oldham County(KY)
  17. LionsFan

    East Central vs. Rushville

    East Central
  18. Rushville
  19. LionsFan

    Rushville vs. New Albany

  20. LionsFan

    Rushville vs. Washington

  21. LionsFan

    Rushville vs. Lawrenceburg

  22. LionsFan

    Rushville vs. Tri-West

  23. Jeffersonville
  24. I believe anytime you wrestle more than once, it counts as two points. I wasn’t aware of losing points if you didn’t schedule enough duals.
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