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  1. That is just laughable. But ok, start that thread.
  2. Except 113. I don't see Brooks getting beat by Sprague. Good luck to both competitors but just my opinion
  3. Where are the brackets posted? It's not coming up on track for me.
  4. I look for Brooks to tighten the match up at 113. Jared has been putting in the work after taking a beating by Sturgill. Kids got great hips, look to see a different match this go around.
  5. Hes nationally tested. One of the most heavily recruited kids in the country. My sons college actively recruited him and my son and him are quite good friends roomed together in Fargo. This kid is a juggernaut!
  6. My boy wrestled Silas and have nothing but respect for him and his Dad. Top notch and they deserve everything that he is about to accomplish. Amazing on and off the mat.
  7. Alred is a lock. No offense to anyone. That boy we will see on the podium in the NCAA
  8. 1, 3 and 7 from 182 last year. Give it up man my boy is a D1 wrestler and you continue to talk garbage and he's from that Semi state. Wrestling does'nt only exist from Indy to the south. How many of these kids are Fargo tested? Jacob Gray 182 2017.
  9. Lmao. You all said that last year at 182. 1# and 3# came out of Fort Wayne. We will see Friday.
  10. Brooks is one of one of the most solid 106 out there. Haven't seen anyone in that division that moves like Jared. I wouldn't give anyone a 50/50 chance against this kid.
  11. Higgins and Humphreys FW. Higgins to semis
  12. Don't look past Hardcastle either, everyone had it wrong last year calling fort Wayne a weak semi state and you got a 1 and 3 out of there at state. These boys got something to prove.
  13. Sleeper with Higgins, Brooks over Ruble
  14. Durben has really improved since his move up in weight. I remember him at 182 last year. Glad the weight class has brought him some quality wins.
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