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  1. This Saturday is the HOBART youth invite. This year we will be handing out TROPHIES for first place, and medals for 2nd and 3rd. Make sure to come out and wrestle for a trophy!!!
  2. One exciting match I tell ya. Fireworks and everything
  3. This could develop into a great thing for the google hang out lol
  4. Tylor triana, Zach fattore, Aaorn Buhman, Dante colza.
  5. thank you. I rarely get anyone to agree with me lol
  6. I actually had a parent tell me to think of a nickname for their kid and talk about him when he gets into high school to help in recruiting. I have no idea if it would work but I will try I guess. This is all I'm trying to do. Is help develop and get these kids recruited with free college. So far so good. Some of the things I say are convos that happen at wrestling meets from multiple sources. I'm not mad at them at all.
  7. AWESOME! More advice! I love it! Keep it comin lol my team has been noticed for a long time now. We have produced 11 state champions and will produce more in the future. My "gladiators" will be just fine. I have been lucky enough to be a part of this program, and want nothing but the best for it. Most coaches don't post on here, so that they don't get into arguments. I don't need to argue, I debate. there is a difference. I also like to stir the pot a little. No harm intended what so ever. Nothing I post on here hasn't already been brought up once or twice. I just like to correct the convo wh
  8. 106 is also stacked with newcomers ready to make a name for themselves. Maybe an upset somewhere in there as well.
  9. I think 170 could produce an upset. That division has the most wide open field
  10. this is true. Hobart does have someone down state, but we would have rather won to get there rather than injury default in. These are the rules and we are excited to be a part of the tourney this year. We hope to not disappoint our LOYAL fans.
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