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  1. Are you kidding me? What age are you all living in... Brendan Black's tats make a statement as well as his wrestling
  2. The smile of a champion will never leave Brendan Blacks's Face!
  3. Black was definitely coming to win today.... I do think Rumph is a very talented wrestler especially with what few years of experience he has... Black was under the weather last week but today he was there to win!
  4. Incredibly exciting matches, not sure how Portage thought they were going to get away with trying to shave 2 points off the board??
  5. 120: Tyler Triana 132: Jeremiah Reitz 138: Brendan Black 145: Dante Colza 152: Matt Burns
  6. Reitz has 3 losses as well... all coming from Black!!!!
  7. Say what Indiana Mat.... Your FAB FOUR picks looks like you haven't paid attention!
  8. No it was 3-0 at the start of 2nd period
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