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  1. Not sure where Merriville is on the map however I do know where Merrillville is
  2. As we are all well aware of, the Merrillville Semi State has some major crowding issues. A couple years back, a solution, to not exactly solve but instead minimize this issue was presented by HOWDOG. HOWDOG'S idea was that certain schools should keep the bus running in the parking lot so that when their wrestlers are eliminated they can quickly clear the building making space for others. In the past, HOWDOG thought a great target market for this idea would be participants from the Logansport regional. Being out of the sport and away from Indiana for some time now I am not sure if this still holds true. Any thoughts on this solution still being a viable one for the best semi state in the state tomorrow?
  3. I also would like to see an RTC be set up in this area. This area produced some talented wrestlers this past season and an RTC would only continue that by giving these kids the opportunity to wrestle with each other and learn from each other as well as other instruction. I see three centers in the Indy area, two in the north, two in the northeast, and two in the northwest. Why are there none here ??? someone step up!!
  4. Looks as if my sentiment is shared here on Kaden
  5. This guy is the March Madness Butler of HS state wrestling
  6. Not impressed with Kaden Suter the self proclaimed "pound for pound/best heavyweight in Indiana history."
  7. Does anyone else think its kind of creepy that BrennanFan has all these pictures of Cosgrove hahaha
  8. Personally a huge Gary McGill fan. Great guy great ref did a nice job at his first semi state on Saturday at Merrillville
  9. This match will take place in the semis rather than the finals (if each wrestler takes care of business in the first two rounds) unfortunately. Regardless, you are correct it is a match fans should look forward to. Wrestlers on the other hand, one match at a time
  10. LOL I love when people say wrestler A is on a "whole different level" than wrestler B...
  11. I bet Alex surprised some of the people on here who were picking him to finish 3rd/4th at Merrillville 8)
  12. Christenson isn't a 1 seed he's a a 2 and yes Ford/Suter should be good at 285. They already wrestled this year and Suter won a close one 3-2
  13. I'm pretty sure EVERY year people come on here and list what would be a better venue (ARC, Mackey, ND, etc.) it's not changing from Merrillville so let's quit beating this dead horse. M'ville is comfortable after the first two rounds..
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