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Everything posted by rdrodd1

  1. Just noticed that the Olympic Channel is airing the 2019 UWW Championships over the next few days. It is on channel 1667 if you have AT&T Uverse. Starting with day 2 of Greco tonight at 10:30 pm. Must of missed day one but oh well. Enjoy.
  2. The one that I just can't erase off the DVR is the one where Micic dismantled Luke Pletcher and Parris beats Singletary to ice the win for the team. Go Blue!
  3. Just for your information the Big Ten Network is re-airing the Big Ten tournaments from 2013-2020. Starting Monday at 6am (2016), 9am (2017), 12pm (2018), 3pm (2019), 6pm (2020) and 9pm (2015). Tuesday at 12am (2014) and 3am (2013). Enjoy.
  4. Congratulations. Great accomplishment. Good luck at the next level, I'm sure you will do great.
  5. Kind of surprised that Tyson Lane didn't make it with a 67-2 record and only loses to the state champ Kai Owen at 106.
  6. This was on Michigan Wrestling Facebook https://www.mlive.com/wolverines/2020/03/how-two-michigan-olympic-wrestlers-are-affected-by-2020-tokyo-games-postponement.html?fbclid=IwAR2HLpVnmmhfbh_Pf6zDd-AC8zob6huxEyI84jTC3Xz3LPdUsskFiueV3Mc
  7. Saturday, April 4 on ESPNU Noon 2016 NCAA Wrestling Championships 2 p.m. 2010 NCAA Wrestling Championships 4 p.m. 2013 NCAA Wrestling Championships 6 p.m. 2018 NCAA Wrestling Championships 9 p.m. 2019 NCAA Wrestling Championships
  8. Driving around the Michigan campus the other day and came across something you guys might like.
  9. Tyler Willis Cathedral 9th 160 40-8 7th loss to Briar Runyan (1st) and Brad Farrell (5th) 10th 160 43-1 2nd loss to Sean McMurray (1st) 11th 160 45-2 3rd loss to Chad Welch (1st) 12th 170 44-3 4th loss to Sean Mappes (1st), inj def to 4th
  10. Great article. His dad isn't half bad as an auctioneer either. You can see them both on youtube.
  11. Yeah but did he weigh in wearing a leopard skin thong? Just a rumor that I had heard that year. Also, didn't see anyone like you and Chico Adams bouncing around (dancing) in front of Tonte this year. That was a fun year.
  12. rdrodd1

    Down #s

    I use to go and fight for a close seat but the older I got the higher I sat. Not so bad if you got in the front row of the upper decks though. This year, after my grandson taught me how to use the world wide interweb (worldwide like ABC sports) I sat at home, watched every match that I wanted to see on my 60 inch, hit rewind and watched it again. Didn't have to pay to park 3 times or wait in a hour long line at Subway a few blocks south of the Blood Bank to get a crappy sandwich. Stayed at home for 15 whole dollars, big screen tv and all the Miller Lite I could handle. The only thing that
  13. Never have been a fan of cutting a quality opponent. Can come back to haunt you time and time again.
  14. One of the worse calls that I witnessed was on Friday night between Crider and Harris at 285. Not taking anything away from Crider at all but Harris was on a good ride with :52 seconds left and a 7-4 lead and the ref calls a stalemate. 20 seconds later Crider gets a reversal and a fall. Congratulations to Crider on a great weekend and another year to go. Look forward to seeing you higher up the podium next year. John Harris you have nothing to hang your head over you have had a great season. Great match. BTW how tall is he? The last time I seen a guy with that kind of height wrestling w
  15. Thank God they aren't wrestling in Connersville.
  16. I would ask that everybody ask their fans to not boo the kids or coaches at Bankers Life. No kid deserves that kind of treatment. Thank you.
  17. Perry and Bburg live on Facebook now. Started at 145. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Perry-Meridian-Wrestling-128040667251200/videos/?ref=page_internal
  18. Where is Caliboy when you need him?
  19. According to Track Mason Parris just defeated the number 1 ranked wrestler in the nation Amar Dhesi of Oregon State 11-4. 4 td, 2 escapes and almost 2 minutes of riding time.
  20. https://arena.flowrestling.org/event/bd97f66e-d6e8-4dad-8a68-91e1872a4a43
  21. Mason Parris with a :14 fall to claim his first college Championship over 15th ranked Matt Stencel of Central Michigan in the Michigan State Open class. Not a bad day.
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