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  1. AJ, you are correct, wrestling is more then the time we, or our kids spend on the mat. It is about the freinds that we find throughout their wrestling that makes it so much fun to be around. One of the things I miss the most since his graduation is the other fathers that I would see every weekend. We would spend the hours at the meet talking, and telling our own stories, listening to theirs. I know my son has made friends not just all over the state, but throughout the country as well, because of his travels. That fact alone ought to be enough, but then you look at the respect that you earn by
  2. It does not suprise me that both Trent McCormik, as VP, and Cael Hoover as Pres. were working hard to find a solution to this mess. Both of these men have done nothing but try to treat everyone in the wrestling community fair and equally. I have met and known both for quite a few years and for them to do anything other would be the suprise. I am also sure they were not the only ones trying to resolve this, and for everyone working behind the scenes, I offer a thank you to you as well.
  3. From the Trine web site. 2.7 - Thunder Claim Mid-States Tournament Title Crawfordsville, Ind. - Twentieth-ranked Trine scored a 17 point win over Wabash to claim the Mid-States Tournament title Saturday at Wabash College. The Thunder took first place scoring 150 points, Wabash finished with 132.5. Olivet 129, Mount Saint Joseph 95.5 and Manchester 68.5 rounded out the competition. Next up for the Thunder is the NCAA Division III Midwest Regional February 20 at Delaware Valley College in Doylestown, Pa. The event is a qualifier for the NCAA Division III National Championship. T
  4. Thank you Nick, left before all the weights were done. Congrats to the team for winning their 1sr mid states championship
  5. So since they released this, I am to assume that in fact there will be no pig tail matches, and the 14 kids are in fact eliminated. I guess this makes Bobby Cox, the greatest wrestler of all, nobody in the history of the tournament has eliminated more wrestlers in one year then ha has this year.
  6. Noble idea sir, and I congradulate you for raising such a fine young boy. However Mr. Cox has already stated that he does not care for at least 14% of the wrestling community, so I doubt that he is going to do anything to try and make up for this in any way shape or form.
  7. I am not a high school coach, but have spent alot of time around the sport. What I would love to to hear from some of the coaches that were in the room as to what happened and why it happened. I want them to tell us how they came to the conclusions that they did, and how they would feel if it was their team that this happened to. I am not going to fault the coaches for putting thier kids on the mat, they do have to wrestle if told this is it, but how much of a fight, or what kind of discussions were there before they got to the point of putting kids on the mat.
  8. Congrats to the Trine Thunder on winning their conference meet today at Wabash. I left before the end, but I know they won the team, and Trace Hall won the 149 pound class in a thrilling 3-1 overtime win over Wabash college wrestler John Dillon. Nick Odom wnet 3-1 and came in 3rd at 149 was awarded the most pins plaque with 3 falls on the day. (sorry, he is my son, so a shameless plug is not out of line for me.)
  9. Nor is it brutal. This is not MMA where we practice submission holds. I dont know for sure what the football hold is that started this, but choking an opponent out is not now, nor should it ever be something to take pride and pleasure in. You wonder why some people want to do away with out sport, look no further then your mirrior as to why. It is people like you that give our sport a bad name. Walking around gloating over the number of kids you or your team, has choked out. That is rather pathetic. Actually wishing an injury on another person.
  10. What I would like is alot more information, How hard was the slap, did it leave marks, or was it a playful slap upside the head. There are so many unanswered items here to be able to agree or disagree with anything. Were the 2 high schoolers in trouble alot, or was this a 1st time for them, is the middle schooler a kid, or parents with a history of filing complaints, or is this a 1st for them as well. No way any of us can make a choice with the info provided. As far as blindly following the school administration, I will NEVER make that mistake again. I have seen way to many situations whe
  11. I wish to thank both Roncalli, and New Castle for a great dual meet. One of the wrestlers asked me how I saw it, going into the meet, I told him I had it as a 7-7 wins for each team, and that bonus points would be huge. The final score was in no way indicitave of the wrestling that took place. It was a fabulous meet, and I want to congratulate all wrestlers for a fine performance. Coach Peck, as always you do not suprise me with your comments, you have been if nothing else a model of sportsmanship, and your wrestlers are lucky to have you as thier coach.
  12. I have been reading this topic tonight. I have not decided just where I stand on this issue just yet. The reason for my uncertainty stems from the fact that last week, we were discussing if Kieffer or Wright should injury default the 3rd-4th place match to get to the other side of the bracket from the other for the duration of the tournament. We were all in agreement that the seeding was not done correctly, or atleast was a little odd. So if you thought it was ok to default in that situation, is it different then this one. Yes the cell phone makes it more of a question mark, but basicall
  13. As I was unable to attend todays event, I was wondering if anyone could offer some insight as to what great matches there were ther today. Please, and Thank you.
  14. From the ISHAA web site Individual Results 103 lbs. First Name, Last Name Grade W-L Rec. School 1. Josh Farrell 9 39-3 Greenfield Central 2. Clint Schmith 10 29-6 Beech Grove 3. Josh King 9 19-13 Roncalli 4. David Ramiriz 10 17-16 Warren Central 5. Kevin Groves 9 12-14 Franklin Central 6. Tayler Feee 9 21-14 New Palestine 112 lbs. First Name, Last Name Grade W-L Rec. School 1. Aaron Davis 12 22-10 Roncalli 2. Gordon Wagner 9 11-6 New Palestine 3. Christian Eastman 10 10-23 Mount Vernon 4. Adam Ruff 9 19-18 Greenfield Central 5. Kaleb Barajas 11 16-12 Fr
  15. And living in Indy, I would be remiss to not mention the Jets over the Colts in SB III, thats all we heard about last week. Argentine over the USA in Basketball in the pan am games.
  16. That was a great upset, however it was not the Russians they beat for the Gold medal. They beat them in the Semi-finals.
  17. Karl. you are correct. I am sure that somnewhere along the line some sports programs are going to bve lost, and some kids are going to have to forego participation. I did not say it was a good choice, but it is one I am sure the schools are going to make at some time in the future. However distasteful pay for play is, it is far better then relegating sports to club programs, or cutting them altogether and having nothing. Do I want this, No, do I think it is going to come about, yes. If I knew the answer to any of this, I would not be working on HVAC products for a living. I would be one o
  18. No way you can make it one per county. In marion county, you have 3-4 of the largest high schools in the state in the county, let alone all the mess that is IPS. It might work in the smaller counties, but not in the more populated ones. Maybe a per capita type of system where you have a superintendant for a given number of students. But then how do you balance the kids at North Central, Warren Central, Pike, Lawrence North and Central, Ben Davis, and Decatur, with the kids in the IPS system. Toss in Perry Meridian, Southport, and Franklin Central, and that is a job that is way to big for one
  19. Dont know what was said, or by whom, but I am guessing there were some interesting words said at the Shelbyville meeting when the 125 class was being seeded.
  20. This is a direct result of the zero tolerance society that we live in today, where common sense would dictate that both of these wrestlers should be the 1 and 2 seed. What we have here is a case of these are the rules, we dont care why they were created, we just read them as written and the results be damned. While I believe that both Wright and Kieffer will advance to saturday at conseco, there is a kid from the other sectionals and regionals that will not, simply because someone HAD to follow the rules as written, and not use their head to actually think about anything in a logical mann
  21. 125 at Shelbyville..... returning state runner up is the number 2 seed. Returning state placer seeded 3rd. Can anyone else top that........ :) :) :)
  22. Thanks Coach Williams for posting the results. I wish we could have gotten some better coverage in the Star, but what are ya going to do, once again, they prove they could care less about any high school sport that is not basketball, or football.
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