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  1. I knew Neil and John both through wrestling, and professionally. They were both great guys, and will be sorely missed by those whose lives they touched. I can only offer my thoughts and prayers to all the families impacted by this.
  2. Cannot say that I am glad about this, I was very happy to see Jim at Warren. I wish him well in his new position, it works well for him, his wife with her total involvement in ISWA, and at least one of his assistant coaches. Warren needs to find a tough no frills coach to come in take over where Jim left off and build the club and high school team to even higher heights. I would recommend 2 people that I think would be a good fit, but they are already with other schools, so I will refrain from naming names.
  3. That locks it up, congrats to the Irish.
  4. Coach Dave Cloud from Pendleton, you are exactly what I have always thought you were, a class act, and a true gentleman. You are one of the really good guys in this sport.
  5. I said nothing until the other coach asked the mat officials, and they discussed it, and then they came to me for my opinion. I try very hard not to become part of the show,. Nobody is there to see the scoring official.
  6. I appreciate your opinion, and Coach Cloud is way to classy to ever say anything, and I am sure next weekend when we meet it will be as if nothing happened. That is exactly what I expect and know he will be like. I will tell you that I did not listen for the sound, but rather the man operating the visible score and clock was counting down from 5 because we knew it was going to be close. I looked instead for the official to start the signal for a fall. I did not see it, but I also realize that if you asked 100 people that call may be a 50/50 split.
  7. I also want to point out that not a single thing was ever said by the Pendleton coaches, we each spoke after this on other topics. I want to express how much of a class program they have.
  8. I hate being involved like that. I realize that it is part of the job, and I will never shy away from making what I think is the right call. That being said, it is always nice to find out what others thought, and I have thick skin, I will take whatever they have to say.
  9. As the clock official that worked this match, I would be curious what your opinion was. I know it was close, but in my mind it was called after the buzzer. I felt horrible for the kid, but I felt I made the right call. I will take whatever comments come as a result of this.
  10. that was ugly, we can only hope that he is able to go next week.
  11. i will say this, i was standing behind the scorers table when this happened. all the officials that were there agreed with the call. i am not now, nor have i ever been an official, but i know many of them, and have very candid conversations with them.all of them said it was a good call, but a tough one to make. the kid handled it wish class and dignity, and deserves huge respect for that.
  12. no, he doesn't have to leave the building, he just cannot go onto the floor the rest of the tourney. i saw him back in the hallways, and told him that was a great call for a coach to get tossed out for. I cannot imagine another coach not losing his mind. in my opinion the right call would have been stalemate and go back to the center. that being said, bad calls are part of the sport, as with any other sport.
  13. Coach McCormik, you are indeed correct, there are two sides to every story, and I have known you for a very long time, and known you to always be willing to do what you could to help a wrestler when they needed the help. I would like to ask you directly what is the schools side of the story on this situation. I am never sure how the IHSAA works, and with the new open school rules in place for non-student athletes it only muddies the issue even more.
  14. This is an easy answer. Baseball and AAU basketball are sports that some on this board do not care about, so what those coaches do or dont do have no bearing. I realize it is the exact same thing, and see no issue with it. If the coach is willing to put in the time, and the kids are willing to put in the time, then let them do it.
  15. Wait, did I see something about someone eating M & M's? Where are these and can I have some?
  16. Trinedad


    I was thrilled last night when I found out that Paul had won. The Petrov family is a class act. We have had matches with them for year, every time we met it was a very fun and exciting match, but win or lose there was always respect between the two. I look forward every year to seeing him and his dad at state. Dan Gable once said that gold medals are made of hard work, determination, and a hard to find alloy called guts. Well, the Petrovs havee and always will add to that. They add class. Congrats Paul, you worked your tail off for this, and deserve it. Good luck wherever your wrestling takes you from here on out. Dave Odom
  17. Not if you are a WC fan....lol Actually it looks like it was a great tourney, congrats to all that moved on and good luck next weekend at regionals.
  18. Individule scores - http://www.go-knights.net/documents/2011/12/10/bracketresults.pdf?id=200 Team Scores - http://www.go-knights.net/documents/2011/12/10/teamstandings.pdf?id=199 Trine placed 4 wrestlers out in Iowa at Wartburg College in the Dick Walker Invitational. The placers were. Elias Larson 1st place 157 George Markou 2nd at 165 Ryan Pieper 2nd at 184 Nick Odom 4th at 141 12/10 - Trine?s Wrestlers 4th at Wartburg Tournament WAVERLY, Iowa - The Trine University wrestling team had a solid showing at the Dick Walker Invitational hosted by Wartburg College as the Thunder finished fourth with 71.5 points. Wartburg, ranked #1 by d3wrestle.com, won the nine team invitational with a team score of 159.5. Trine finished 17 points behind third place University of Dubuque. Junior Elias Larson (Chicago, Ill./Marion Catholic), the top ranked wrestler by d3wrestle.com in the 157 pound weight class, took home the top spot in his class with a tournament high 21 points before deductions. Larson won his class with a 6-0 win over eighth ranked Cole Welter in the finals. Larson finished the day with three pins, including one in just 55 seconds. Senior George Markou (Peru, Ind./Peru) at 165 and junior Ryan Pieper (Onsted, Mich./Onsted) at 184 each finished runner-up in their classes. Markou, ranked 11th, scored more points on the day in his class, but fell to second ranked Landon Williams of Wartburg 3-1 in the finals. Markou had three pins on the day, including the fastest of the tournament at just 30 seconds. In a match-up of top-10 wrestlers, Pieper, ranked seventh, fell to fourth ranked Dylan Azinger from Wartburg 5-3 in the championship. Junior Nick Odom (Indianapolis, Ind./Warren Central) finished fourth for the Thunder at 141 after scoring a class-high 17 points on the day. Despite falling in his first round match, Odom fought all the way through the consolation bracket before falling in the third place match 12-5. Odom finished the afternoon with three pins.
  19. No, they were not a new organization, however in the years my son wrestled in this event his age/weight group participation grew from about 12 when we wentto the 1st one to over 30 by the time he was a junior age group. This event grew in popularity very quickly. I would say that if the ISWA had a problem it was one of not reacting quickly enough to the change in participants and in finding a facility that could handle the number of kids that attended. Can they do things better sure, are they working on them, I am sure, Will they ever run an event in the same manner as the Tof C, I hope not, that is a glorified take down tourney and designed to run as many kids through it as they can in the shortest amount of time. We went to it a few years, there was some great competition, but it was not the end all be all in a way to run an event.
  20. I am really mad that folkstyle state is being held at Warren Central this year. My sons first trip was to the bloomingotn sports complex, we went from there to the facility on IU's campus to the facility in the old metal stamping plant, to Huntignton. And now that he is in college and not wrestling in this event, they put it in my back yard. I could have saved thousands in gas and hotels over the years. BTW, I sure do miss all the time we got to spend together as he was growing up. No matter where they hold it, the wrestling community wil find a way to pull it off and make it memorable. Good luck to all those that will be there.
  21. La Quinta just underwent a fairly major over haul about 2 years ago, Candlewood suites is brand new, however I do know that the Fairfield will not have good temperature control in the pool until I get the guys scheduled to install the new a/c unit for them. I dont know about the hotels out at 70 and post. But yes, the smaller hotels in the area could easily be someplace i would rather not stay in. If you go to 70 and post, go north of 70, there is a baymont hotel there that looks to be decent. Rest. in the area, include all the fast food places, Long horn, Olive Garden, texas road house, red lobster, golden corrall, ect.... If you like Cajun food, there is a little place at 10th and post called Papa Raux, they serve a fantastic Po' boy. They have some funky hours at times, but if you catch them open, be prepared to stand in a line to get your food. People drive from the west side to get one of these sandwiches.
  22. Not a problem, just trying to show some east side hospitality. There are many more hotels near here. Those are the ones I could think of off the top of my head, I just had to find the numbers is all. I dont have a kid wrestling there any longer, but I am sure at some point I will be in and around. When there is wrestling going on over at the school, I am usually pretty close.
  23. A partial list of hotels in the very near area I.E. 5-10 minutes from the school Marriott 352-1231 Candlewood Suites 7050 E. 21st Fairfield Inn 7110 E 21st Ramada Inn 357-9277 Quality Inn 352-0481 Knights INN 353-8484 Always Inn 356-1036 Budget Inn 353-9781 Comfort Inn 359-9999 Hampton Inn 359-9900 Days Inn 899-2100 La Quinta Inn 359-1021 Sorry, I did not find a phone number for a few of the locations, but I am sure the internet will help you out there. There is a Star bucks just south of 21st on Shadeland, if you go in, just tell them that Dave sent ya. They know me in there. There is another down on Washington Street near Mitthoffer, but they dont know me in there. The east side has every kind of dining that your budget will allow if you are seeking a chain. For fine dining, you will have to drive.
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