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  1. So proud to have been around this kid and see him blossom from shy little boy to confident young man. His on the mat accomplishments are well known, his off the mat accomplishments will out weigh all of those for years to come. This is only the beginning of great things for a young man who has truly earned all of his due. Gunnar you are a true roll model and example of what we all should be as humans. Congrats on a great season and career. Thanks for the ride!!
  2. I expect to be voting for this kid some day!! Congrats Gunnar and all the Larson Village, great job!!
  3. Congrats to Trey and all the Lanes!! I have to also give credit where it's do, Ryan Parrish, THREE STATE CHAMPS in two different states!! Contenders Wrestling with an awesome showing!! Another former Indiana guy finished 4th in Ohio at 138 Ryan Ford not sure which class, and Avon had another kid from the youth program make AAA State in West Virginia, Dana Dech at 170. Indiana Wrestling all over the map!!
  4. Former Indiana and Avon wrestler in semis of Florida 2A tournment at 106. Good luck Trey
  5. Just talking about him last nite Nick Ettiene Avon 4 time ticket rounder. Probably not along the lines of some of the others but for a guy who didn't start wrestling til 6th grade, not bad.
  6. Izzy might be laughing about this one but I doubt you get a # Old School
  7. How many made it to state and who are some over the years who were stuck behind top kids til senior year or someone got hurt to step up and take advantage of the opportunity. Acouple this year I know Matt Cullen of Avon been stuck my son and others thru MS and HS got a chance this year and gave Laughlin a handful on Friday nite. DJ Brookbank I know you see this at Perry every year but this kid was impressive in his state run, and went right after Nick Lee on Sat. morning. any others?
  8. Agree completely with SIAC. Said all weekend Nick had trouble turning guys, so he cut and took them down 10 times. Chad definitely better on mat. Surprised by choosing down in 3rd, seems with his success getting to legs they would have went neutral. something I'm sure he'll be working on over the summer, I could see him going over the match in his head there on the podium. but yes lets talk about the wrestling I don't think anyone on here would want someone talking about their child the way some on here have about not just this match but many others over the years. sure we all disagree on how someone should handle any given situation but saying it out loud, sometimes we should bite our lip and keep it to ourselves.
  9. Hassman will have to retire before they change singlets! Lol Congrats Burk on a great season.
  10. No problem!! You've reminded me of me this year. (Except I'm a lot louder) it's been fun to be a part of the#younggunz run. mat chick are you the lady that does the announcing at the Holiday Classic?
  11. Congrats to Trent, never seen you smiling like you were when I ran into you at break, but I bet it's bigger now, great job! and Congrats TandTdad as well never got a chance to see you this weekend.
  12. Congrats Brayton, look forward to seeing you at the top of the podium a few more times.
  13. Congrats Gunnar great year and Congrats to Mason what a beast, big, quick, strong, sure he has a couple of more titles in him.
  14. Congrats Asa what a ride it's been this year.I wasn't there for all of it but the parts I got to see have been exciting as it gets. Congrats on being the first Freshmen Placer for Avon and our first state champ since Lynn Panko in 2005!! and 4 of his losses were to Mills and 2 to Murphy
  15. Congrats to CJ watched him grow up and been a pleasure watching him claim his place in Indiana Wrestling History!! Look forward to watching Nick go after his own piece of history in the coming years. Indiana wrestling is in good place and looks to stay that way for awhile.
  16. Joe wasn't Nick a 6 grader when he lost to Hayden? and Coy and Konrath can tell stories later in life how they beat those guys back in the day. although both will have quite a few career highlights to talk a bout. funny not seeing Paul's name in the brackets.
  17. 138 Coy Lukaszka McCoy McKinney that's pretty brutal.
  18. 14 make it every weight class minus 160 HWT 2 at 106 2 at 132 3 of my picks never wrestled in tournament 3 others all lose at SS 1 makes it to shock the world 145 MATT CULLEN!!! Cullen one of those kids that easily could have walked away from this sport coming into HS always a backup to kids older, sticks it out and first year of varsity makes it to state and at pretty tough weight class to boot. Congrats and good luck to all the Avon Sectional boys
  19. since concussed repped for the south I'll bite and take the northern point of view.106 Mills/ Garcia VI might not be in the cards with the draw young Mr. Garcia has, make it thru Rooks and you have Egli waiting in semi's.But I'll play homer and make that pick and take him to final, Mills takes final though. Egli over Casebolt.113 Weaver Mosconi wouldn't be surprised to see the freshmen win this time.Annakin over Horty.120 Hunt Luigs Rooks Mulkey 126 Hudkins Gomez Dilbeck Pritchett 132I'm from up north but I have seen the Lee boys from down south and Nick should win but he won't look past Molloy who might be his toughest comp of the year. Eplers Molloy Conley out on a limb with this homer pick, but I believe.138 B. Lee, know all about Jourdan and you hate to see this kind of match, when it sends one home, but it is what it is.Ramsey in the final,McCoy Reese.145 J.Lee over Bethel in what should be a good one. Burke Crowl. 152 Dunn Lehman Herrin Clark 160 Whitaker Van Horn Farmer ?Glover don't know any of these guys except Arkee if he gets thru BB wins team for sure,although I think they do any way.170 Walton Dowell Dull Hayes 182 Damler McKinley Dalton Murrell 195 Wilderman Redmond Lee Robinson 220 Larson McCubbins Scroggs Dixon 285 Klem Ripple York Henson BB wins team race Good Luck to ALL eat some of those BBQ nachos for me cause I will not be making that drive!!
  20. don't think it's that big of deal for Brayton, has looked pretty strong last two weekends. Although he only spent 48 seconds on mat last weekend.
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