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  1. Coach Blevins

    Avon Wrestler at IU......

    Maybe he decided to attend the school he is at because it was the best fit for him. Big Ten wrestling is a very tough place to be, and not everyone is ready to make that step. That can be for various reasons, and it doesn't necessarily mean they can't compete at that level as we can see. Cole is doing very well where he is at and seems to be satisfied with his decision. He did have a good day at the Hoosier Duals, and the Avon Wrestling program is proud of his accomplishments. We look forward to his continued success at the college level. Good luck Cole and stay healthy! Coach Blevins
  2. Coach Blevins

    Westside Live - Hosted by AWC

    Avon Wrestling Club would like to invite area wrestlers to participate in its free wrestling opportunity, Westside Live. These workouts will consist of a mix of drilling and live wrestling. We will spend about 25% of the time drilling and the remaining 75% wrestling live. We do not plan to slow down practices by spending a lot of time showing technique. Wrestlers that attend are expected to know basic to intermediate technique as this is what we will drill at the beginning. Westside Live will take place in Avon High School?s wrestling room, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 6:30-8:00pm. Tuesday workouts will be for any area middle school or high school age (6th-12th) wrestler. Thursday night workouts will be for area Elementary age wrestlers (1st-5th). All wrestlers attending these workouts must possess a current USA Wrestling Card. Please be sure to bring your card as we will be checking cards at the door. We are excited to provide this opportunity for area wrestlers to improve their skills and we look forward to seeing you there. We will host Westside Live every week from now through the month of June. For a complete schedule visit our website www.avonwrestling.org. If you have any questions regarding Westside Live you can contact Israel Blevins at info@avonwrestling.org. Israel Blevins Head Wrestling Coach Avon High School Avon Wrestling Club
  3. Coaches, We desperately need to find teams for our super six on 1/9/2010. We have had three teams drop(one last week). If you need matches and are interested in attending this year and future years, please contact me at imblevins@avon-schools.org. Teams still committed are Avon, Carmel, and Fishers. We have one more team committed for next year, but will need two more. Israel Blevins

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