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  1. Not sure if this has been posted, but here are the numbers and the growth of the tournament: 2017 - North(278), South(128), Indy Nats(116) - STATE(291) 2018 - North(165), South(158), Indy Nats(302) - STATE(390) 2019 - North(229), South(209), Indy Nats(389) - STATE(487) 2020 - North(391), South(295), Indy Nats(413) - STATE(525) So how about some discussion as to where we go from here. This tournament has definitely grown. Will it eventually level off? Also, could someone give us an ideal of how many entries actual qualified from the Indy Nats?
  2. I do feel this discussion should only include the person's High School resume. I also feel like just seeing all of these great names being mentioned it really puts in perspective how special it is to be a State Champion, but also how being a multiple Champ even tougher.
  3. This will be 30 in a row for me. Qualified for 3, placed in 2 of them. Coached in some capacity in 7 of them. So many memories, too many to count, but so many heartbreaks as well. What a great weekend, especially seeing old friends and making new. Hoping I am fortunate to see 30 plus more! Good luck to everyone this weekend and remember that regardless of what happens you are part of one of the greatest fraternities in the world.
  4. Excuse me, but I think you mean the great State of Kansas for the Chiefs.
  5. If they want the dub that bad, why stop at just one kid, bring a whole line up of girls and then not only can you thump your chest about the win, you can even say you shut them out. If these girls are not regulars in their line up, which I am guessing they are not, doing this a slap in the face to the integrity of the tournament.
  6. Someone has mentioned to me that it is possible to reach an NCAA tournament, any division, quicker than it is our own State Tournament. If this is indeed true, then we should seriously look at our system to correct this flaw. I will reference a very good young Official here by the name of Eric McGill. He is doing numerous college matches at the Division 1 level. Surely if he has a weekend open to do any level of our tournament, why in the world would we pass? If there are other high level officials available as well, let’s get them involved too. We know some of our better guys are
  7. The tournament is seeded after weigh-ins. Given the travel distance for some teams, this was more ideal given that it is an eight team tournament with most kids having head to head already and avoids a seeding meeting on an alternate day. I am personally selfish and miss the free meal I get attending the seeding meeting however!
  8. Merrillville
  9. XCard

    Merrillville vs. Highland

  10. Harrison (WL)
  11. XCard

    Merrillville vs. Portage

  12. XCard

    Merrillville vs. NorthWood

  13. XCard

    Merrillville vs. Knox

  14. XCard

    Merrillville vs. Hammond

  15. XCard

    Merrillville vs. LaPorte

  16. XCard

    Merrillville vs. Valparaiso

  17. XCard

    Merrillville vs. Andrean

  18. XCard

    Merrillville vs. Hammond

  19. XCard

    Merrillville vs. Whiting

  20. Hammond Morton
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