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  1. mockdad79

    Melloh and Mulkey

    Terrible call period!! I don’t blame Snyder at all!!
  2. mockdad79

    Peru regional

    Western would be a clear favorite in the team race bringing 14 to regionals. Should be some good finals matchups.
  3. mockdad79

    Brownsburg vs. Perry Meridian at 6:30pm Tuesday

    It says 7:30 approximate start
  4. mockdad79

    Notable wins and upsets for 12/27-12/30

    Ok was just thinking since he beat your 2 seed, he might be worthy!
  5. mockdad79

    Notable wins and upsets for 12/27-12/30

    Congrats to the Peru Tigers for finishing in the top 10 at the Al Smith. Pretty sure Avery Jones deserves to be ranked in the fw ss rankings after making it to the finals at 285.
  6. Manchester Spartans 31-11 over Trine on senior night, coach Lake has these guys headed in the right direction.
  7. mockdad79

    Jan. 8.2011 Duals/Tournaments

    Theres a super dual @ wabash on the 8th. Last years teams were Guerin Cath., Heritage, North Miami, Wabash, Northridge, Tippy Valley, Southern Wells, Bishop Luers, Fairfield and ? Just wondering if anybody is taking Fairfields place since there going to Bellmont.
  8. mockdad79

    rochester invite

    The warriors are 7-8 on the year been giving up to many forfeits to be much of a threat in duals. Looking forward to thursday should be some good competition. I'm hoping they make a decent showing, they are a young bunch though 8 sophs I believe.
  9. mockdad79

    rochester invite

    I think it's Tippy Valley
  10. mockdad79

    Dec. 11th tourns.

    Yes this is there 1st time they used to go to luers duals on this date.
  11. mockdad79

    Dec. 11th tourns.

    North Miami will be at caston duals
  12. mockdad79

    Best Poster on IndianaMat

    I'm winning! I'm winning! I'm winning! Too funny
  13. mockdad79


    Yes, Folkstyle state March 13-14 you have to preregister on trackwrestling by wed.
  14. Pretty sure nobody from Huntington quit and Peru beat them

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