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  1. Thank you for your research and information!!!
  2. Although rotation does sound fair to the schools involved, I’d prefer a reasonable centralized site for the schools involved. The less travel time per school the better. New Albany and Bedford North Lawrence have to travel over an hour to their sectional at Southridge, while there are sites hosting within minutes of their schools...
  3. Parker McNeely 132lbs of Vincennes Lincoln was a 5th place sectional alternate. Defeated Castle sectional champion Jordan Fulks of Booneville 11-6 in first round of Evansville North regional. Places 4th in the consolation match by losing to Castle’s Brooks Hartz in SV-1 7-5.
  4. Just saw this post... Prayers for hım and his family ??? I hope things have improved for him.
  5. I hope he's able to continue and achieve that title! I'm rooting for him.
  6. I've been in north Florida for 3 seasons now and haven't missed the IHSAA State Finals yet!!! When I tell people around here, some of them from the Midwest, about the Championship Round, they are in AWE!!! My memory is meeting-up with my former wrestlers every year for a nice meal!!!
  7. Our prayers will be wth them... Vincennes LHS wrestlinf family.
  8. Ruth's Chris Steakhouse!!! Had to miss the consies, but GREAT food with a bunch of GREAT guys!!!
  9. Heck yes... I always defer to Wrestling Moms... They're the toughest!!!!
  10. You think some of the places in Indiana have tight quarters... Well, our first leg of the Florida HS state tourney is cramming 9 teams into a SMALL gym, with one set of bleechers (8 seats deep) for both contestants and spectators!!!!
  11. Yes, but one has to wrestle Herbert, and the Iowa wrestler is Metcalf! Mathematically, OSU is still in it, but very unlikely. All OSU guys would have to win (12pts) and Metcalf would need to lose, or all OSU guys would need pins (18).
  12. Iowa leads 97.5 over Ohio ST. 88. OSU has had only 1 guy wrestle today...Palmer took 4th
  13. Robles takes 4th with 1-3 loss.
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