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  1. Clinton will attend crown point next year! Thank you for the kind words. He works extremely hard at wrestling and more importantly in the classroom. We are very proud of his effort and drive in all areas of life at a young age. Lucky to be surrounded by great coaches and a great support system that family and indiana wrestling provides as well.
  2. What were some of the matches that stood out (best matches to watch) shockers, surprises etc?
  3. Great getting all the clubs together, fun day of wrestling and every match was state type matches! Great atmosphere!
  4. Jayden lewis qualifying and took Demarco to OT as a freshman! Jendreas looked dominate in win over undefeated Bailey and looked amazing all day! Still would like to see semi state offer a way for wrestle backs to get the best to the show. Always feel several kids miss out by draws or 1 slip up like a headlock! Awesome day of wrestling though!
  5. 195 Clark wins, would love to see Oliver at 120 get to indy as well as fritz at 126. Frttz has beat brabender before! I believe fritz has a good draw to make the show!
  6. This was without a doubt the coolest high school event I have witnessed. Better than alot of college and pro events. Glad we went. It was good for the kids and good for the sport. I can only see this heating up as the years go by as I believe they will always be top talent teams. The coolest thing is the amount of indiana kids total from both teams as mt carmel has its fair share of indiana talent as well. Indiana is wrestling, just a little scattered. Fun event
  7. Love this! Indiana is a wrestling state. Really wish the state could work collectively on building gold pool level indiana teams to help growth and development even more. PA kids live in gold brackets! Great job to all the indiana hammers!!
  8. Congrats, top notch family! Excited for everyone!
  9. IU sticking with the roots, escabedo and tsirtsis i hope
  10. Great group of kids with great work ethics and great character! Will be fun to watch!
  11. Middle schoolers LT hawkins had a day finishing 3rd!!!!! Evan Stanley was right there with haines and the best kids in indiana beating state placers etc, jeffrey hueyvart beat state qualifiers, and clinton shepherd who just turned 13 beat a couple Ohio state qualifiers and they all competed with the best high schoolers in the country! Future is bright for indiana wrestling. Middle schoolers have some upcoming hammers. Also, the tourney was ran incredible!
  12. Excited to see some new names stand out! Def. A stacked tourney and the best part is seeing new names start appearing! Especially some of the middle school kids that are special talents! I could see several upsets!
  13. There is a ton of talent in middle school, but not sure if there is anybody quite like landon hawkins right now. He has been knocking off some of the countries best! He has a unique style and stays chill under pressure. Will be fun to watch all the up and coming middle schoolers in the next couple years!
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