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  1. Middle schoolers LT hawkins had a day finishing 3rd!!!!! Evan Stanley was right there with haines and the best kids in indiana beating state placers etc, jeffrey hueyvart beat state qualifiers, and clinton shepherd who just turned 13 beat a couple Ohio state qualifiers and they all competed with the best high schoolers in the country! Future is bright for indiana wrestling. Middle schoolers have some upcoming hammers. Also, the tourney was ran incredible!
  2. Excited to see some new names stand out! Def. A stacked tourney and the best part is seeing new names start appearing! Especially some of the middle school kids that are special talents! I could see several upsets!
  3. There is a ton of talent in middle school, but not sure if there is anybody quite like landon hawkins right now. He has been knocking off some of the countries best! He has a unique style and stays chill under pressure. Will be fun to watch all the up and coming middle schoolers in the next couple years!
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