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  1. Have 7 teams and would like to make it a Super 8. Contact nathan.burkle@clinton.k12.in.us or austin.faulkner@clinton.k12.in.us
  2. But this could also turn a program around instantly. Going from losing most of its duals to winning several which would gain interest of more kids and ultimately fill all 14 classes the following year eliminating the FF issue all together. There are pro's and cons to every change but just my thoughts.
  3. Since FF's are now part of the Sectional Seeding Criteria, and favor the wrestlers that don't receive them, why count them at all? I say team score should be kept from matches wrestled. If a team only has 10 kids then team score should be kept from just those matches.
  4. Does the Association send out certificates or is that on the schools??
  5. Clinton Central
  6. Clinton Central
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