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  1. This a good pick up for the greyhounds, I wish LB would have chosen to be a Knight at the great program Marian is building. They'd be coming for Grandview in the team race. #goknights
  2. Maybe you should browse through the greyhound open brackets, there you will find Big Ten wrestlers losing to non D1 wrestlers.
  3. You're telling me you don't think that Wabash's 165, Kyle Hatch, who's currently ranked #1 in d3 does not beat IU or Purdue's current 165? Kyle Hatch is a very talented wrestler, I would venture to say he would beat both teams current starter by bonus points. That would not be his only Big Ten wins either, Kyle would likley qualify for D1 NCAAS and more than likely win a match or two.
  4. The topic should be what high school produces the most college wrestlers, not d1. D1 does not mean anything, numerous guys from Marian, Indiana Tech,Uindy and Wabash beat guys from our Indiana Big Ten schools every year.
  5. Uindy has two home meets this week, today @ 7pm and Friday at @7pm. Couple of young Indiana guys having solid seasons thus far.
  6. Let's not forget about how dominant Zeke Seltzer is at 120. He is the part of the reason 126 is so deep.
  7. Most underrated team performance from team state??
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