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  1. Evansville Memorial head Coach Larry Mattingly got his 500th dual meet win this year!
  2. SWINfan score between Williams and Scott was 2-2. It was a very competitive match while it lasted! Williams had a good shot in what appeared to be a take down but wasn't called in which the Memorial coach did argue as both wrestlers were half in and half out, but, good scramble in the first period by both kids, Williams chose down to start the 2nd got the escape, Scott got a TD and Williams got another escape and then they hit heads and it was over. He's been cleared to wrestle next week! It will be a tough 120# bracket next week!
  3. Chad is a great wrestler and he is a 3x state champ and is a very decorated wrestler but when you are those things then act like you are those things and that you've been there before! No need to wear a shirt with your picture on it or dance after you've won and demoralize the guy you just beat. Be humble, and if you want to do those things then do it behind the scene! That is why some people probably do want to see him get beat it's not that their "haters" they just like class! Nick Lee is not only a state and national champion but also an international champion and I guarantee you he does no
  4. I would love to see Red against either one of the Lee's but it won't happen Red would never risk his undefeated career! If he had a loss already in his career then he might wrestle Nick (Nick being closer in weight) but in my opinion if he had a loss and wrestled Nick then he would have his 2nd,IMO!
  5. I really hate hearing that about Bailey especially for his senior year he's a good kid! I knew something had to be wrong for him not to be mentioned on here that's terrible, but no matter what that kid is a stud!
  6. Earlier in the year I had seen that Bailey Lahue from Corydon was going 145 and since then I haven't seen anything about him and was just wondering if he had got injured or what had happen?
  7. Mater Dei is at Memorial tonight, I've got to watch Lee just about his whole career and he is a beast (I live in Evansville)! I've only seen Cash a couple of times and like some earlier comments I wouldn't put my money on this one but having watched Nick as much as I have I would be a little bias to him. Either way it will be a great match if and when they wrestle!!!!
  8. I've got to watch Chad wrestle in many events and he's not just one of the best he's one of the most elite hands down, and I would also say his swagger is pure confidence!!!!
  9. If you live in Southern Indiana Mauer Coughlin Wrestling Club (MCWC) is a great club and is always looking for kids that have drive. My boys have been there for 2 years now and love it (one is a junior in high school and one is a 4th grader), the coaches are Mater Dei graduates and are highly decorated wrestlers!!!!
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