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  1. You were pretty spot on.Being a Jimtown wrestling fan I would have loved to have seen Rooks and Conner Gimson on opposite sides of the bracket. I think Conner was easily the 2nd best wrestler at 138.
  2. After watching the way Conner Gimson has been wrestling the last couple of weeks I would say...”thunderstorm” for any #4 at 138 that gets him Friday night.
  3. At the Goshen Regional at 138 I would say Conner Gimson, first in the semifinals he majored #6 in the state Tanner Shoeff 16-2 and then majoring #7 in the state Nick Buchanan 11-3 in the finals.
  4. 106-Ocampo,Olson,Graber,Sprague 113-Puckett,Weimer,Boots,Miller 120-Beasley,Levitz,Bonds,Garcia 126-Watts,Ruemier,Brown,Hawkins 132-Gimson,Schiller,Ledesma,Santos 138-Gimson,Buchanan,Schoeff,Rodriguez 145-Rasler,Hooley,Tierney,Stacy 152-Levitz,Goering,Dibley,Owens 160-Lundy,Crisp,Garcia,Becker 170-Clark,Miller,Anderson,McCullough 182-Lone,Bergman,Gratzol,Lacey 195-Messer,Khaoucha,Navarro,Martinez 220-Leffers,Davis,Hartman,Kilmer 285-Bergman,Yoder,Perkins,Rosales Individual picks are in order.Top 4 teams not in order beca
  5. I almost mentioned Hunter Watts when I mentioned his teammates Conner and Matt but I didn’t because this is supposed to be for “the most physical wrestler in the state”although I do consider Hunter a physical wrestler,I just don’t know if he’s one of the most physical wrestlers in the State but I do think he’s one of the best wrestlers in the state.
  6. 138-Krietzer is ranked #2 in the most recent rankings.
  7. Thanks for the info.Looking forward to a great day of wrestling.
  8. The last time I was at team state was about 3 or 4 years ago.It was a packed house and seating was tight.I was wondering from those who have been there more recently if it’s still the same.
  9. The Irish performance was impressive this weekend, unfortunately I’m not talking about the football team.
  10. Ontherise219 did a really good job today on the mic.
  11. Conner Gimson also wrestled really well at the Super 32 going 4-2.I don’t see him getting dominated by anyone in Indiana.I think if this match happens it will be a good one.
  12. Conner Gimson was 5th at 138 and Matt Gimson was 8th at 132 last year.You had the placements correct just not the weights.
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