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  1. JHS95151

    Pre season State Champ Predictions?

    138-Conner or Matt?
  2. JHS95151


    106-Flores(Gosh) Johnson(EC) Funderburk(JT)Peiffer-Laguerr(Con) 113-Puckett(NR)Bonds(Gosh) Garcia(EC)Yoder(FF) 120-Watts(JT)Beasley(NR) Walters(FF)Cruz(Gosh) 126-Mejia(EM)Whitman(JT) Rodriguez(Gosh)Miller(FF) 132-Gimson(JT)Martinez(EC) Flowers(NW)Hooley(NR) 138-Gimson(JT)Goering(EM) Fletcher(Gosh)Warren(NW) 145-Eveler(NR)Chupp(NW) Werts(JT)Caouette(Gosh) 152-Stroud(EC)Graber(NR) Lundy(EM)Eaton(JT) 160-Norment(JT)Acosta(Con) Gutierrez(Gosh)Miller(NW) 170-Lone(NW)Lundy(EM) Freel(NR)Ramirez(Con) 182-Graber(NR)Moon(Con) Fitzgerald(Gosh)Palomino(EM) 195-Lucius(EC)Wickersham(NR) Powell(Con)Navarro(Gosh) 220-Contreras(NR)Miller(Con) Thomas(JT)Perez(EC) 285-Yoder(FF)Conner(EC) Worlds(Gosh)Perkins(JT) I think it will be a very close two team race between Jimtown and Northridge
  3. JHS95151

    Up and coming programs...

    I think Jimtown will be a real good team next year they had 7 semi-state qualifiers and 6 of them returning.
  4. JHS95151

    FW SS Updates

    anyone know who won between Crume of Jimtown and the Belmont kid at 130.
  5. JHS95151


    FW semi-state 103-Walburn (2) 112-Weimer (2) 119-Slough (3) 125-Kelly (2) 130-Fiechter (2) 135-Hiestand (1) 140-Thiel (2) 145-Ehr (1) 152-Hogerdobler (3) 160-Lefever (2) 171-Bratcher (1) 189-Waikel (2) 215-Coureson-Carr (3) 285-Cooper (3)

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