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  1. Congrats to the Ruhlman family! Tristan was fun to watch wrestle this year and he wrestled with purpose! It’s awesome how many wrestling fans nowadays are excited to watch these big guys throw down like middle weights! It’s awesome for the sport and can’t wait to watch him in the BIG 10!
  2. Obviously I can’t speak for all Indiana wrestling families. However for my son and the majority of his teammates, and academy partners being the true #1 is the ultimate goal. If you have 5-6 state champions at the same weight who is really the champ?? My son and his partners would definitely be higher on the podium if we had class wrestling. But if you ask any of them if they want class wrestling the answer is no. This is just personal opinion but I think parents want class wrestling more than the actual kids wrestling want it. I would love to see some statistics on what the kids putting in the blood, sweat, and tears think??? I see both sides of this debate but I agree with Mattyb. the long standing tradition of being single class Indiana and the true State Champ is something all Hoosiers are proud of. My kid and many others might not ever get to the top of the podium but that is life... They don’t always get what they want but they never quit trying to get higher on that podium. I believe if we could get wrestle backs at semi state the debate over class wrestling would simmer down. We definitely have wrestlers getting knocked out of semi state that deserve to be at the state finals.
  3. Bray Emerine over Owen Bryant with the pin! Emerine is headed to the bank!!
  4. One thing that sticks out to me is the fact that the Penn school administrators have no comment! they sure had a lot to comment when they blocked him from wrestling. but on the other hand I don’t blame them for hiding their face and voice. Before this article there was a lot of grey areas in this story but now the fog is definitely clearing. Shame on Penn for being so hypocritical. Karma is a dish best served cold. hopefully this will serve as a lesson to other coaches and schools in the future.
  5. 126 was awesome! 138 was crazy from start to finish!
  6. Agreed! Preston should be able to wrestle just like Cody Goodwin did last year. Noah Mis missed weight the year before and should have been scratched from the tournament but they let him bump up a weight class.
  7. The young man has the killer instinct! He’s a gamer to. He has a lot of elite national experience as well. He will always turn it up on tourney day! 160 as a freshman is most definitely a hammer weight class for a freshman but I’m sure he will be ready to bang at semi state! Would love to see him at Bankers.
  8. Sounds like 85-110 gonna have some good matchups! i haven’t got to watch Rianne Murphy this year but she was fun to watch at ISWA. should be some good matchups from semis on!
  9. I will be the first to admit there is a lot of kids that will do well or possibly win that I dont know... having said that I feel pretty comfortable with these picks Revin Dickman 1st @75 Gavin Jendreas 1st @80 Brady Ison 1st @125 Preston Haines 1st 90-95? Kyle Harden 1st 102 Gunner Henry 1st at 160-170 Hunter May 1st at 132-140 Drew Mills 1st at 150-160 Parker Reynolds 1st @90-95 Easton Doster 1st @85 Dylan Graham 1st @102 can anyone help fill in the gaps or see any potential great matches?
  10. OK middle school parents it’s time to make a little noise about Middle school state! This youth wrestling forum has been way to quiet for the heart of the wrestling season. lets see your predictions on placement and best matchups for Indiana’s toughest youth tournament
  11. If you were going to solely work on improving takedowns for your middle school wrestler who is the best, and accessible coach, and why?
  12. Rumor has it a lot of parents are complaining that there kid isn’t ranked high enough. Middle school rankings are just that. If your kid is wrestling in the elementary division and does well that’s not really helping your middle school rankings. Especially if you are not wrestling in the gold pool. if you have a 6-7 grader that is beating studs in the middle school division at any of these national tournaments that is a different level of wrestling. Any of these seasoned parents will tell you when you go from those elementary duals to middle school duals at places like VAC and National middle school duals there is no comparison in the talent level. The team that finishes first in the gold pool would demolish the team that finished first in the silver pool. This is guaranteed. First place in the silver pool at VAC is actually 13th place I believe? Not sure how many teams were in the gold pool?
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