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  1. Curious to know before IndianaMat, was everything run by the coaches’ association? I only begun following wrestling closely in 2008-09 when Chalfant was the big name in the state. Thankfully, this website and the IHSAA’s DVDs have allowed me to catch up in the best way possible on the many years I missed. Good rankings, articles, and information this website has especially when you have to pay for info from states like CO, MN, and MO. Kudos to you guys.
  2. You were apart of some good New Castle teams weren’t you? Didn’t Coach Peck snag a few semi-state titles and make a few Team State appearances?
  3. It’s an unofficial record. The IHSAA didn’t score the state tournament in 2003 because the official team champion was determined in the dual tournament the next week. Mike Goebel, however, in an interview with the Indianapolis Star took the results of that year’s individual state tournament and scored them according to how it’s scored today, and the team unofficially scored 158.0 points.
  4. I think this opens the door for best teams to not win a team title. This doesn’t mean a program as a whole, but a specific year or season where a team was stellar and didn’t take home the IHSAA team title
  5. This is based on a combination of dual meet strength and team scoring. The 2014 Perry Meridian team you mentioned was a very talented group. The 2014 squad went 23-2 that year, suffering a shocking loss at the hands of Franklin Community, 27-26, followed by a foolish loss to a game Penn squad, and finished 4th at both the IHSWCA State Duals and IHSAA Finals with only three placers in LeCount, James, and Elliott, among eight total qualifiers. Not to mention, they led the majority of the tournament with just those three making it through Friday, consolation rounds allowed Cathedral, Franklin, an
  6. This year’s state tournament was a low scoring affair for the champs in comparison to the past three years, but nonetheless this Cathedral team went through hell and came out on top. While I think last year’s team was the best Cathedral team of all-time, this year is in the top three as it is a state title team. What other teams do you guys think showed the best versions of themselves? I’d give a nod to Avon. A program that’s been on the come up for years and after wrestling above their seed at IHSWCA Team State, I thought the state finals was their breakout performance that showed the true he
  7. It was sarcasm. I’m saying the IHSAA doesn’t care about wrestling. If it’s only purpose is to crown champions, everything else is irrelevant to them. If the participants and fans mattered, we would see change.
  8. I apologize for my high volume of posts, but I have a rare free day and am a little fired up. I saw on an earlier thread a poster made the remark that “the IHSAA only cares about crowning the champion.” It really ticked me off, not because he said it, but because it’s true. If crowning the champion is the only thing that matters, what do we do all of this pointless wrestling for? I say forget it, if that’s how they want it. Just allow top four placement for the sake of advancing to the state finals and when it’s time to be downtown, the tournament is single elimination. No wrestlebacks or cons
  9. I remember the Indianapolis Star doing these years ago, last I remember 2012, but I’m not sure if these are a thing anymore. It’s been awhile since I’ve followed wrestling and this was the first state tournament I’ve seen top to bottom in years. With that being said, here’s my crack at it. 106 - Alex Cottey of Perry Meridian 113 - Zeke Seltzer of Cathedral 120 - Brayden Littell of Center Grove 126 - Ray Rioux of Avon 132 - Asa Garcia of Avon 138 - Tyce Freije of Roncalli 145 - Alex Mosconi of Cathedral 152 - Elliott Rodgers of Cathedral 160 - Jordan
  10. The Indiana state tournament series already doesn’t mean much with the way it’s ran. The lack of seeding or wrestlebacks kills our potential. You want to see a good single class tournament? Watch the CIF State Championships. Excellent from top to bottom.
  11. I was very happy to read this. I’ve watched California’s tournament finals the past few years and have yet to be disappointed, but the coverage from Flo this year was phenomenal. I am with you in saying it’s time for Indiana to evolve.
  12. While our state tournament is pretty special, it overall isn’t perfect. We hear arguments of wrestlebacks, classes, etc., so how would you go about formatting the state tournament? For me, I’d probably seed the state tournament, add wrestlebacks, and drop placements to six. I feel as if it would create a better atmosphere and tournament that ensures the best matches. In the current system, a bottom-ranked, ten loss semi-state champ could make the top four while the second-ranked, one loss guy, who could’ve done no more than injury default/MFF a match at semi-state, could possibly draw the
  13. What is with Indiana and them being against kids having a little fun? It’s a sandwich. It’s not him taking away from his opponent at all by eating it. It didn’t affect the outcome of the match in any way. Trent Hidlay literally ate a hoagie after Who’s #1 and it was celebrated as a great celebration by a great wrestler. The kids here can’t do anything spontaneous or out of the ordinary without being called classless. Chad Red got criticized for dancing after winning, same with Deondre. I can only imagine how much excitement runs through someone after winning a state championship or even being
  14. H.B.

    Down #s

    I think having a nationally ranked wrestler in the field makes it more exciting because often he’s looked at as the best or one of the best guys in his weight, and the chance of him advancing is 50/50. For example, last year, McIntosh was the #1 and nationally ranked combatant who went down to a game Slivka and a fast-improving Graves. This year, 220 was the most fun weight this year for me. We saw previously nationally ranked Cornwell go down Friday night, nationally ranked Irick get pinned, #1 Bolte go down, and eventual champ Fowler make a huge comeback pin. The stakes were incredibly high
  15. H.B.

    Down #s

    I know we often say, “Indiana is on the come up,” but ironically, this year seemed like a down year. For starters, you could see attendance was down compared to years’ past, and those I sat with and talked with afterwards also took notice. Also, the depth of this class seems down in comparison to previous years. For example, in 2014, we had multiple nationally ranked wrestlers at a majority of the weights or lots of returning state qualifiers/placers at a lot of the weights. In 2015, we had someone ranked in every weight. I remember looking at Flo and InterMat religiously throughout the season
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