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    Kyle Ayersman reacted to regionrat1 in Whats in da water   
    heading to midway to Texas to watch some wraslin . us open hanging with some of my graplin buddies. Ayersman who you got at 57kg / da rat got Nato 
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    Kyle Ayersman reacted to 4U2NV in Whats in da water   
    Say what you want, but Hawkins is the MVP of this team. 
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    Kyle Ayersman reacted to Wrestling Scholar in Whats in da water   
    Region Rat,   I agree with Ayersman.    Maybe due to climate change or change in lax EPA laws or just a strong south wind.  But now  there's more of that infamous Steel Mill and Oil refinery pollution/smog, that has that special power of toughening up the lungs and making studs, and now is reaching Crown Point and its making them tough.   Or it also could be adding Scott Hinkel to their coaching staff.
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    Kyle Ayersman reacted to Clan Campbell in Whats in da water   
    gonna be a dog fight this weekend, great match ups, good wrestling to watch.  dogs pushing one another, I wager a dog team win:)  The cats will be left behind mewing and fawning over one another on forum posts.
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    Kyle Ayersman reacted to regionrat1 in CKLV - Great Day of Wraslin   
    B. Lee gets er done on to the finals. He gots Sammy Sosa from Ohio State. ( pee in da bottle Sammy) Going to be a battle.
    Don't know about Red. It looks to me he has the weigh in blues. You want to catch him in the first round. my guessing he is pulling some lbs at the end. Looked very flat - Pletcher took it to him. 
    Off to da Harvest did afternoon to see some fine region wraslin. 
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    Kyle Ayersman reacted to Clan Campbell in Sportsmanship   
    Although I wasn't at Circle City Classic, I was the tournament director at the Brownsburg JV Invite today where Franklin Central had a good group of young JV kids.  I can say Franklin Central's boys were respectful, well disciplined, and well coached team.  Your comment doesn't seem to align with what I've seen first hand from the FC squad and coaching staff.
    Doug Campbell
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    Kyle Ayersman reacted to Coach Moore in Sportsmanship   
    Shawn Slaymon,
    There are numerous things that may lead to what is perceived as poor, or lack of, sportsmanship. If I'm not mistaken, which I'm not, we have on video fans from a school sharing your colors calling one of our African American athletes a N***r. I would assume that issues would arise from there. Any poor behavior on my athletes part is dealt with by the coaching staff and team. How and when those issues are  dealt with are none of your concern. If there is any issue with sportsmanship, you should take that up with the IHSAA. My only goal is to raise and teach these young men how to deal with adversity and one day be the future leaders in our society. 
    Thanks for any concerns,
    Coach Moore FC Head Coach
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    Kyle Ayersman reacted to Y2CJ41 in Article: Triples with TripleB   
    Our newest weekly article is a quick hit look at the week ahead and a recap of the previous week. TripleB will give you three things you need to know, three events to watch for this week, and three questions with someone in wrestling. 
    3 Things You Need to Know
    1. New Coaches look to make an impact
    40 programs have new coaches at the helm this season, including 5 ranked teams. will it be business as usual or will there be a disruption in the force??
    #7 1A Eastern(Greentown)- Zach Pence
    #2 1A Southridge- Kurt Collins
    #18 Franklin- Jim Tonte
    #17 Portage- Andrew Bradbury
    #5 Warren Central- Matt Krulik
    2. Post Season Dynasties
    There’s dominant, then there’s #PainTrain dominant. Brownsburg is a phenomenal 16-0 at IHSWCA Dual Team State Championships and have won the last 4 in a row. Can the Bulldogs add a ring to their thumbs this year??
    Brownsburg Coach Darrick Snyder, “At Brownsburg we take a lot of pride in our performance at dual state. We want to be the best team in the state. We put a huge emphasis on dual state because we know that shows the best team”
    Cathedral needed 4 leaf clovers and all the luck of the Irish last year as Jordan Slvika and Elliott Rodgers turned in monumental efforts to lock up individual state championships and help Cathedral rally for a 3rd consecutive big old Indiana plaque at Bankers Life. Will the luck of the Irish be on their side for a fourth consecutive title?
    Indianapolis Cathedral Coach Sean McGinley, “Look for the Irish to struggle a bit out of the gate.  However, if we do our jobs and keep getting better each week, by tournament time we feel we will be one of the few teams that people are talking about with a chance to bring home a team state championship.”
    3. How will the football runs impact early season matches?
    7 of the top 10 preseason ranked teams are still alive as Indianapolis Cathedral, Evansville Mater Dei, Warren Central, Roncalli, Carmel, Merriville, and Hobart all played in regional games on Friday night. Will these ranked hammers stumble out of the gate as teams patiently wait for football players to wrap up, get healed, and get in wrestling shape? Look for the holiday tournaments before some of these teams are fully loaded. Merrillville, Carmel, Mount Vernon(Fortville), Hobart, and Adams Central will all be playing this week at semi-state.
    3 Feature Matches
    1. Opening dual of the season! 
    The Battle for the Paddle; Madison at Southwestern
    Since the incarnation of the Battle, Madison has ran the tables winning all nine duals. What this match has lacked is over all dual excitement as forfeits on both sides have been an issue, but the scuttlebutt is that this year both teams will be bringing full line ups into the Dual and Southwestern is hoping to keep the paddles in Hanover!
    2. Crown Point vs Portage  
    Portage graduates 4 state qualifiers and new coach Andrew Bradbury jumps right into the frying pan in this Region kick off dual.  Returning state qualifiers Ty Haskins and Damari Dancy will look to keep this dual close but on paper Crown Point appears to be too strong. Lead by returning state champ Jesse Mendez, with 5 freshman and 2 sophomores in starting lineup, the Bulldogs will look to rack up bonus team points early and often!
    3. Capital City Classic 
    Through the years Triple C is one of the toughest opening weekend tournaments with teams like Beech Grove, Perry, Warren, Bloomington North, Mishawaka, and North Central winning the very first one. Perry Meridian looks to be the front-runner for the 38th annual Capital City Classic.This years line up includes - Beech Grove, Franklin Central, Greenwood, Indian Creek, Jeffersonville, Perry Meridian, Plainfield, Westfield
    3 Questions with Mike Reiser
    1. What is your background in wrestling? 
    I wrestled for Coach Jim Wadkins at Calumet High school.  I graduated in 2001 and was a part of some successful teams. We were three-time team sectional champs, two-time regional champs, and two-time Lake Athletic Conference champs. Individually I was a two-time sectional champ and two-time semi state qualifier.
    2. Why do rankings, it seem very stressful and thankless, what drives you to do rankings? 
    There are times that the rankings can be stressful, but I learned early on that you can’t make everyone happy. I love doing the rankings both semi state and state. I think it is the best job in the state it has given me a lot of opportunities to broadcast and do the gorilla radio. 
    3. What do you do when you are not neck deep in wrestling? 
    When I am not doing the rankings and going over results, I work my actual job which is a Project Manager for an Environmental Company. I also coach my 2 daughters in softball which is becoming a full time job also.

    View full article
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    Kyle Ayersman reacted to IndianaWrestlingGuy in Team Rankings: 3A Dual Preseason   
    It’s hard to refute how good Brownsburg is. With the incredible work ethic and conditioning Coach Snyder infuses into the program and all the upper class leadership, it’s no wonder they don’t win an IHSAA title every single year. 
    It is also really good to see programs like Mishawaka creep back into the Top20. When a high quality coach leaves town, it typically takes decades to replace. Glad to see the Cavemen competitive again. 
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    Kyle Ayersman reacted to Y2CJ41 in Drake Campbell of Brownsburg commits to   
    Congratulations to Drake Campbell from Brownsburg for signing with Mount Olive. He is projected to wrestle 141.

    View full signing
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    Kyle Ayersman reacted to Y2CJ41 in Joseph Walker of Mishawaka commits to   
    Congratulations to Joseph Walker from Mishawaka for signing with Michigan. He is projected to wrestle 174, 184.

    View full signing
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    Kyle Ayersman reacted to Antknee in How Many Wrestlers?   
    I began coaching at Mishawaka a year after I had graduated from there, and spent 2 years learning from a HOF coach. Moved on from there and spent 6 years at Jimtown, coaching the likes of Kenny Kerrn, Hunter Watts, etc. I had the privilege of learning under another HOF coach.
    Three years ago, myself and friends/coaches that I trust, took over a program that was in desperate need of a revival.  Our first year at Bremen we had 5 kids at the High School level, 13 at the middle school, and 19 came out for the first time for our youth program. Last year we had 11 at the high school, 30 in middle school, and 35 in our club. Going into this year, we have 20 at the high school level, expecting 30+ in the middle school, and we just ended our introductory youth camp with over 40 kids. Our Club is expected to have at least 30+, starting next week, and we are competing in elementary duals in a few weeks. For the first time in about 5 years, Bremen should have a full high school lineup. None of this would be possible if I didn’t have coaches around myself that helped out as much as they do, parents believing in the process, and our philosophy. Good things are in motion and it is exciting to see what we are accomplishing in terms of rebuilding a program. Everything else will fall into place as we move forward!
    Call us butter, because we are on a roll!
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    Kyle Ayersman reacted to patriotfan in How Many Wrestlers?   
    40+ in the room at the moment, looking at 70+ once once football is back in the room, goal every year is 100
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    Kyle Ayersman got a reaction from EliteAthleticClub in Best to come up short   
    Aaron was so good. My dad used to take me to watch Lake Central wrestle and I loved watching Aaron. Was definitely a stud.
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    Kyle Ayersman reacted to #TheBrand in All Star Monster Dual - 2 IN wrestlers selected   
    This Friday evening Nov. 1st, Parker Reynolds & Revin Dickman have been selected to wrestle in the Monster Dual All Star Classic in Denver, CO.  This event pits the top wrestlers from the West Coast/ CO area vs. the Midwest.  Parker Reynolds will be wrestling Christian Castillo (AZ Middle School Champ, Western Regional FS/GR Champ, 4th GR Natls, Super32 5th).  Revin Dickman will be wrestling Ronnie Ramirez (CA champ, Trinity Winner, Freakshow, Tulsa, Reno Champ).  This event will be Live on FLO this Friday evening.  The wrestling lineup card is the attached link.
    K-8 matches:  https://cdn1.sportngin.com/attachments/document/3e43-1989133/Profiles_K-8_Monster_Dual_2019.pdf?_ga=2.251681985.911431041.1572447854-2075993354.1552319251
    This is an under the lights stage event.  Below is the arena and stage.

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    Kyle Ayersman got a reaction from D Summar in Best to come up short   
    Still is. One of, if not, the best coaches I’ve ever had...tons of love for the Sessa family.
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    Kyle Ayersman reacted to Darrick Snyder in Brownsburg - Preseason #1?   
    Brownsburg doesn’t talk and make guarantees or backhand compliments about coaching staffs or feeder programs.  
    I would put my staff and our feeder programs against about anyone in state.  Just wanted to make sure everyone knew that   
    And we don’t need marketing.  Have a large, passionate fan base and people seem to talk about us a lot...but thanks and good luck.  
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    Kyle Ayersman reacted to IndianaWrestlingGuy in Brownsburg - Preseason #1?   
    I knew you couldn’t lay off. The only “talk” on this site comes from #theCounty. I was just trying to help you with your 2019-2020 marketing. Good luck this season, coach.
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    Kyle Ayersman reacted to Darrick Snyder in Brownsburg - Preseason #1?   
    I thought Brownsburg was going to get destroyed by a list of a dozen schools beginning last year?  Something about how something of ours were going to get eaten.  We weren't interested by the way. 
    Throw out your backhand compliments.  We are often criticized.  It has worked out okay for us.  When contenders are mentioned, we seem to always be in the conversation....unlike someone else, we didn't make a guarantee of winning or list all the schools that were going to beat another school.  We just show up and do work. 
    ...and to bring up feeder schools?!?!?!!?!? ? HAHAHAHAHAHA....both of our middle schools are strong.  Our Elementary Dual team consistently competes at a high level.  Yes, we have strong feeders. 
    I know our coaching staff could never compete with that of Indy Schools, but yeah Smiley was an okay addition.  Ayersman guy did okay.  HWT coaches took a beginner to a state championship.  I have a had a tad success here and at Mishawaka, etc. etc.
    Keep talking and we will keep working.
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    Kyle Ayersman got a reaction from FCFIGHTER170 in Best to come up short   
    Still is. One of, if not, the best coaches I’ve ever had...tons of love for the Sessa family.
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    Kyle Ayersman reacted to IndianaWrestlingGuy in Brownsburg - Preseason #1?   
    Not a chance. Crown Point or EMD are faves in my oracle. Littel injury will make it all interesting. Still think #theCounty will be dominant as usual. They have the best feeders and coaches in the state after all. Wish I lived on the west side of Indy so I could be surrounded by that wrestling brain trust. 
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    Kyle Ayersman got a reaction from piscis1956 in Best to come up short   
    Aaron was so good. My dad used to take me to watch Lake Central wrestle and I loved watching Aaron. Was definitely a stud.
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    Kyle Ayersman reacted to Coach Seymour in Best to come up short   
    Since Coach Moore said Walton I’ll go with another one of my Bulldogs in Ty Mills. 2x Runner up and 2x 3rd. 
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    Kyle Ayersman reacted to Coach Moore in Best to come up short   
    I'd like to think Nathon Walton from the Burg is definitely on that list. Runner-up senior year, takes third the year before. Loses a close match to Lucas Davidson in the semis that same year. 
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    Kyle Ayersman reacted to FCFIGHTER170 in Best to come up short   
    Yessir! Vince Sessa was a monster too!
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