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  1. To be honest it seems like someone is just butt hurt they can't take a team so they are trying to find ways to talk down about a pretty solid tournament that has been going on for years before the gorillas were even in thought. Real classy move to try and ruin people's seasons for next year because you are butt hurt. Way to grow Indiana wrestling.
  2. My top 3 1.) Breyden Bailey Career record: 182-5 (3 losses in semis, 2 out of state to the #3 kid in the country) -Cathedrals all time most wins record holder Cathedral wrestles a tough schedule State placings- (3,3,3,1) 4th at super 32 Ranked 12th on intermat, 13th on flowrestling. NIU commit 2.) Andrew Davison (SSQ, 5th, SQ, 1st) Fargo champ 3rd at super 32 Ranked 8th on flo and intermat Wrestle a decently tough schedule Michigan commit 3.) Gunnar Larson Larson from Avon 4x SQ 3x Placer only 2 loses (JR SR year) b
  3. Let's hear it. Who are your picks to win the whole thing after this weekend!?
  4. Does anyone have a chance this weekend to accomplish this rare achievement? And also how common has it been and who's done it as well in the last decade?
  5. Kids get better from freshman year man... just my opinion. But I get what you are trying to say.
  6. It wasn't a pounding. Bailey beat him 3-1 at gfc then in overtime at super 32. So it would be another great match if it were under the lights or at state. I think Konrath is 2 or 3 points better than reitz. We are talking about a Fargo champ/runner up vs someone who hasn't placed at a major national tournament his whole hs career. Bailey creates a weird style match up for Konrath, but I believe reitz cannot stop Konrath on his feet.
  7. Since we have a topic discussion based off #1 guys on confidence pools, let's hear your picks to win at bankers life and put them 1-14 from most confident to least confident. Here are mine. 220- Mason Parris 145- Brayton Lee 152- Joe Lee 113- Asa Garcia 132- Breyden Bailey 182- Nathan Walton 195- Andrew Davison 160- Brad Laughlin 285- Evan Ellis 126- Graham Rooks 170- Burk Vanhorn 138- Zach Melloh 120- Tylor Triana 106- Seth Johnson
  8. Here is my two cents on the topic of why we shouldn't have classed wrestling. For one our states population and wrestling depth does not compare to other surroundings states or powerhouses. Implementing a class system would sort of ruin the competitive nature and excitement our state wrestling tournament brings upon us. In my opinion, the key to establishing a powerhouse program starts from the youth scene. You see all of these top 10 programs, and all you have to do is look at their youth programs. The best teams and the ones who can compete have a steady balanced youth program. For exam
  9. Where else? Is everyone else on a break until sectionals? I know Cathedral is headed to Mason, OH for some tournament and I believe the 132 finals match is gonna be a good one and definitely worth the drive and the price of admission alone
  10. Any good matches this weekend before sectional week?
  11. Brownsburg I could see them possibly getting 4 this year b/w Campbell, mills, mulkey, lee and Walton. Cathedral has a legitimate chance too. little bailey, slivka, big bailey, melloh and stewart.
  12. The real question is.. is that a legal move by PM. You are only allowed to lose a certain amount of weight per week per your body fat test. Pretty tough for a lean wrestler like Littell to be legally certified to cut down to 106.0 from his last weigh in from now to sectionals. I am hearing rumors people are on the look out for it..
  13. Garcia, Your son is very good, but also has lost to multiple kids who aren't ranked. Going 2-2 at super 32 and a dnp at Fargo in cadets is justified as to why he isn't ranked.
  14. Notable ranked/good match ups 106 #10 Little Bailey over #3 Campbell 4-3 good match #15 Overton went down to Stephenson THS first or second round but came all the way back to beat him for 3rd 1-0 113 #1 (106) Curtis looked real good today w/o much competition other than against #13 Lawhead 120 UR Cash over Denny mon 6-3 UR Cash BLN over Stephenson York 5-3 #11 Walendzak CAT over Fisher Mart 3-2 #11 Walendzak over cash 13-2 126 #10 slivka over #14 Willis 5-3 #10 slivka over Craig JC 12-3 Curtis York DNP'd after beating #8 Davis at team state 132 #2 Bail
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