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  1. Signed as DE at NCAA D2 Hillsdale (MI). Shafer is a stud. He runs sprints and hurdles for the track team.
  2. I also want to know what happened to Cardinal Ritter. They had a pretty good sized roster at the beginning of the season and they should have returned stud State Placer Josh Johnson.
  3. I like the Southport kid Smith at 106. Getz is not quite at Billerman or Smith's level yet. I also like Hansen at 160 and the Beech Grove heavy.
  4. That is the right attitude! Congrats on a great season!
  5. No doubt Zeke deserved his title. But Bettich defaulting could have made things interesting. Once JD called the penalty, I thought Crown Point would default. I was shocked that the trainers let Bettich continue, everyone is so conservative regarding concussions.
  6. If Bettich would have injury defaulted, that takes Zeke out since it was ruled a slam. Crown Point might have won team title!
  7. Good luck to all of the Indianapolis Catholic Youth Organization's (CYO) wrestling alumni competing at the State Finals this week. The following alums competed in CYO's Little Guy (K-4) and/or Cadet (5-8) wrestling program: Bryce Lowery – Roncalli – St. Roch Evan Dickey – Cathedral – St. Simon Josh Johnson – Cardinal Ritter – St. Michael Alex Cottey – Perry Meridian – St. Barnabas Little Guys Zeke Seltzer – Cathedral – St. Simon Christian White – New Palestine – Holy Spirit/Eastside Little Guys Carson Eldred – Westfield – St. Maria Goretti Sam Slivka – Roncalli – St. Barnabas Brendan Mattingly – Carmel – St. Maria Goretti Logan Bailey – Cathedral – Christ the King Alec Viduya – Roncalli – St. Jude Elliott Rodgers – Cathedral – St. Maria Goretti Johnny Parker – Cathedral – St. Michael Jacob Huffman – Cathedral – St. Michael Congratulations also to CYO Wrestling Coordinator Kevin Troy who is being inducted into the Indiana Wrestling Hall of Fame!
  8. NC 152 - #3 Hall versus #6 Freije will be a battle!
  9. Not sure what happened to Pierson but he took a hard slam to the face in the semifinal match.
  10. The whole state is open enrollment but when a private school states this it means that they do not receive subsidies from their feeder churches. My local public school team has several out-of-district wrestlers on their team, many more than Roncalli. Very common in the Indy area. All Roncalli wrestlers but two came up through the CYO feeder program and one of those is a member of a contributing South Deanery Parish but wrestled for a public middle school. Roncalli and the other parochial schools also abide by an agreement which prohibits recruitment of athletes from other deaneries. Also, vouchers only cover a part of tuition (under half) and only those who are near the poverty line qualify for vouchers. Public districts charge tuition, my township charges $5200 for out-of-district students which is about the same as a voucher student at Roncalli.
  11. Coach Fleenor - Although you probably know better than me, the GC website states that the school is an open enrollment school under the guidance of the Diocese of Lafayette. By definition, an open enrollment school is not parochial. There is also no subsidized tuition for feeder school students. For example, Roncalli charges $9830 for a student from a South Deanery parish and $12920 for a Catholic student from a non-South Deanery parish. Each South Deanery parish pays a Cathodraticum of $175,000 to subsidize Roncalli tuition for its parishioners. As a member of Roncalli's Board of Directors, I had to review parochial tuition rates of 30 surrounding high schools in order to set our rates. We did not review GC's tuition since they were not considered parochial (no Cathodraticum). GC also has only one tuition rate of $14250 (extremely high for a parochial school).
  12. As previously discussed many times, Cathedral is NOT a parochial school. EMD, Evansville Memorial, Roncalli, Scecina, Cardinal Ritter, Bishop Chatard, Andrean, and Providence ARE parochial schools with defined boundaries and parishes which subsidize tuition. They have established feeder schools and parishes. Cathedral, Guerin Catholic and Brebeuf Jesuit are examples of privately owned schools with no set boundaries, no parish subsidies and no direct feeder schools.
  13. Rebels led several matches only to be pinned!
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