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  1. Wrestling and coaching in Indiana, I always appreciated the Indiana single-class system. I was lucky enough to also coach state finalists in both Georgia and Ohio who both use multi-class systems with same date/venue state finals. In my opinion, that format really took away some impact on being a state finalist and placewinner. I much prefer the single-class format. I wrestled at a DII college and, at that time, DII champions were often invited to the DI championships and some did very well. There were some DI National Champions from DII schools. I remember one heavyweight from Pittsburgh-Johnstown and some others from Cal State Bakersfield.
  2. Harris loses to #1 Watts but Roncalli wins team title by 6.5 points over Cathedral!
  3. Roncalli clinches team title at New Castle! 5 qualifiers with 4 champions and one more match to go!
  4. Roncalli is sending all 14.
  5. As discussed above, a change in seeds could harm the other wrestlers and not the Carmel wrestlers. The guilty kids were all highly seeded (several are state ranked). Nearly all are top seeds. You move them down and they could knock out kids they would have been separated from until after qualification round. I am actually shocked that they are allowed to wrestle in state tournament and that the coaches have not been suspended.
  6. There were no changes to seeds due to the forfeits. I noticed Chundi, for example, went from two losses to 12 losses.
  7. I wore them all through college and we used them to jump rope in steam rooms. I gradated college in 1984 so I was legal!
  8. Appears to be no changes in seeds. For example, the 106 bracket has Chundi (18-12) seeded over Anthony Elijah (22-0).
  9. Plastics were legal in the 80's and 90's. I can't remember the exact year that the University of Michigan deaths occurred but that was the time of the rule change. Carmel has some very good wrestlers and should easily win their sectional. I would hope that the seeds do not change since they should be based on skill and head-to-head (not forfeits). Changing seeds would hurt other wrestlers, not the wrestlers who broke the rules. I would have voted to suspend the coaches for the state tournament series, they know better!
  10. FC118

    Roncalli vs. Brebeuf Jesuit

  11. FC118

    Roncalli vs. Guerin Catholic

  12. 145 #10 Dunansky (Guerin Catholic) defeated 138 #3 Frieje (Roncalli) 9-8
  13. Gavin appears a lot stronger this year. Gavin has had several matches against Alec in their HS careers and this is the first time that he has scored any offensive points! All matches have been decisions so there have been many opportunities to score on the mat!
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