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  1. Thanks. I cant remember If I put Brownsburg over Chesterton or Chesterton over Brownsburg.
  2. Did they already announce the winner?
  3. Lots of prayers coming your way from the Ellis family.
  4. The Herrick family have been a part of our family since I was 11 years old. I can Remember when Dan and Angie started dating in highschool, it was love at first sight. The Ellis Family and Roncalli family are all truly heartbroken. Angie Herrick loved her family more than words could ever express and she loved wrestling. God Bless the Herrick family and Warren Wrestling! We have all truly lost a great one. Please pray for Dan , Danny, Dom and Sophie. All our Love, Lance, Tammy, Brennan and Nick Ellis
  5. My unofficial vote goes to T. Cash. What a stud. Love that kid.
  6. Just received an e-mail from IHSAA there will be an extra pound tomorrow.
  7. Nick Ellis 132 pinned Northwestern 8 seconds January 17th
  8. CLASS A (261-610) CLASS AA (724-1239) CLASS AAA (1449-2943) Benton Central 591 Batesville 724 Greenfield 1449 Broad Ripple 513 Greensburg 745 Evansville North 1508 C C Lincoln 325 Corydon 747 Richmond 1516 Cardinal Ritter 549 Rushville 778 Zionsville 1840 Centerville 523 Western 825 FW North Side 1846 Daleville 262 Beech Grove 906 Valparaiso 2084 Hagerstown 340 Connersville 1164 Carroll 2138 Indian Creek 610 Roncalli 1181 Brownsburg 2318 Knightstown
  9. The list is already out. All coaches should already have the e-mail. If I have time I will post them later.
  10. I have lost more kids than I have gained. Most parents cant afford the tuition. I have helped coach many wrestlers and then they choose to go to a public school or a different parochial school. With the open enrollment, parochial schools are really at a disadvantage.
  11. First off,Overtime although I appreciate your enthusiasm, Roncalli has a long way to go before we can compete with Perry Meridian. Secondly IU89 little Ellis isnt on here pumping himself up. We are just hoping he can make the team this year. So before you start talking smack about a very humble 14 year old kid why dont you man up and put your real name on here. I am Lance Ellis and my kid doesnt need any more pressure on him than he already has from people like you. Sorry for the rant but please do not mess with my kid, he is already a better person than I will ever be. No matter how many mat
  12. Well since these guys are looking for teams to wrestle for I imagine their coaches will not be there. I do appreciate you looking out for them though.
  13. Back to the top. Sorry you guys got hijacked.
  14. Although I appreciate the kind words about Nick, I would appreciate it if you wouldnt put a target on his back. Nick has a lot of work to do before he even thinks about a state championship at any level. There are a lot of talented kids coming in next season and I am sure they all want to do there talking on the mat, not a discussion board. Lance
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