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  1. Coach Howard

    Lowell vs. Goshen

  2. Lowell RTC is cancelled tonight. We will be back at it next Tuesday April 8 6-7:30.
  3. Due to some conflicts of schedules, we are changing our RTC night to Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays. We will host our RTC every Tuesday night beginning March 11 6-7:30. Sorry for the late change. Make sure that you have your USA wrestling card.
  4. Lowell's RTC will be on Wednesday nights starting March 12. We will be going from 6-7:30, 45 minutes drilling/45 minutes live. Enter through door 17 on the north side of the school. Last year we had a pretty good mix of little guys and state caliber high schoolers.
  5. There will be no RTC tomorrow June 3. We will resume on June 10.
  6. Ken Sheets will be our guest clinician tomorrow night. Ken was a 1981 Big Ten Champ for the Hoosiers. He was an Olympic qualifier in 1984, beating Kenny Monday that year. He will be going over some positioning on our feet and show a couple freestyle turn from top. Don't miss this opportunity. Enter through door 17. 6:00-7:30.
  7. Mitch Roadruck of Lowell High School has committed to wrestle for Indiana Tech next year. They are getting a great kid!! Good luck Mitch
  8. Come on out tomorrow 6-7:30. We will be working on freestyle and wrestling live. Enter through door 17.
  9. We purchased 4 new Dollamur mats last year. We only use them for competition for a couple of reasons; they are a lot harder surface than most mats, and our practice mats are still in very good shape. I personally don't think I would want to practice on such a hard surface every day of the season. On the other hand, they are great for completion in my opinion. As far as the Velcro goes, I am very impressed with the strength of it. I don't have any worries at all about the mats coming apart. Will they be as strong in 10 years, I can't answer that but I will be surprised if they are not. The mats come in seven sections and unless your a heavyweight, it takes two kids to carry one section. Very convenient to set up and break down.
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