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  1. aruich

    NHC Tournament

    103-Bowman HO 112-Frane DK 119-George HO 125-Poynter DK 130-Malcolm CA 135-Clark CA 140-Faurote BE 145-Timmerman CA 152-Lafever CA 160-Lafever CA 171-Hankenson BE 189-toss up Raypole CA/Busse BE 215-Thatcher BE HWT-Meyer BE
  2. aruich


    Ft. Wayne Semi-State 103-Garretson (1) 112-Gonzales (1) 119-Lovejoy (1) 125-Louch(2) 130-Nix(4) 135-Faurote(2) 140-Schwartz(2) 145-Lefever(1) 152-Larowe(2) 160-Lefever(2) 171-Raypole(3) 189-Thatcher(1) 215-Coursen-Carr(3) HWT-Meyer(3)

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