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  1. @152 the 4th ranked kid from E Memorial got pinned by Tyler Williams and he is currently Not ranked at 152. Just in case you didn’t know, now you do!
  2. Graduated in 2004 wrestled 140, I’m stay around 170 and would hate to cut down to 138. I’d probably have to go 160!
  3. That’s interesting, the ref spoke to his coach the next season and told him that it was the worst call he has ever made and he got caught up in the moment. Maybe you had terrible seats?
  4. I have to say Thadeus Douglas needs to be on this list, he beat a few guys mentioned on this thread, as well as a 2x all American out at Fargo. At 98 pounds, he was giving up some weight. Lost to Sheets in the semi’s from what looked like a bad call from my seat. Pound for pound the baddest around.
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