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  1. No way is that an escape. Way too many ref wrong decisions deciding matches. I started a post after semi state about an official and post was taken down. These kids work way too hard to get this far only to be screwed. We need more consistency, and better definition of how matches are going to be called!!
  2. Maybe he was fishing to get the party started...but that was some stupid talk. You know what they say though...you can't fix STUPID!!!!
  3. Statechamp 87...I think you are smoking the good stuff. Those are not predictions, that is some serious BS.
  4. MattM,,,You just made my point. Lots of better wrestlers will be left behind at regionals, and a weaker wrestler from Jeff regional will advance. Not they are all weaker, just a lot better chance to advance to semi state, than most other regionals. Luck of the draw I guess. The best will advance from their own Regional, But that does not make for the best wrestlers competing for a place at State
  5. MattM. I was not trying to piss anyone off. Just stating a fact. A few good wrestlers from that regional, I agree, but past DATA means nothing. It is a very weak regional. Put those kids anywhere else in the state and over half ;isted don't even get out of sectional!!!
  6. This is probably one of the weakest Regionals in the State. How many State placers you think get out of this Regional??
  7. Check your records. I don't think Baehl was at regional last year???
  8. To the only pure sport left in our society, where anybody can accomplish the maximum potential from what they put in!!! Getting up at 4 in the morning to go to gym, go to class, get out of school, go to practice, go back to gym, go home, do homework till ungodly hours in morning to get to bed and start all over again. That is the true reality of a wrestler who gives his all. Win or lose, they know when they walk off that mat that they are special. Did all they could at that moment. WRESTLING WILL MAKE THESE KIDS BETTER!!! Doesn't matter if it is under the lights or Friday night or whatever. N
  9. That was a perfect reply bwood. If the state tournament is about these two kids then why should everyone else show up??Lets just sit around for two days and enjoy the city of Indy. All show up around seven at Bankers Life and watch them go at it!!!!! This sport is a whole lot bigger than that. I truly hate what I am reading. The only PURE sport left...being tainted like the rest.
  10. Obviously, with Lee in, that leaves Embry out. Hate it for him. Senior year. Did an awesome job for MD "filling in" all season!
  11. SIAC tournament a little over a week away, Who you got in finals???
  12. Egli couldn't make weight for classic. I heard he was a couple pounds over weight. That is some dedication. living on a dream... means nothing till you show up. Get him out of the rankings and lets all quit talking about him.
  13. 132 Elpers, Evansville North... 23 - 0
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