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  1. North Montgomery holiday tournament 106-simone(hse) dec pierson (wc) 6-3 113-ross(wc) pins moseley(nm) -kitko(nob) dec peters(wc) 5-0 126-hall(hn) pins johnson(nm) 132-cottingham(w) dec sparks(nob) 7-1 138-kitko(nob) dec coleman(wc)8-7 170-hauke(nc) pins wray(nm) 285-adams(nm) dec stone(elwood) 4-3 Great tournament - ran very well- polite and gracious hosts especially Seth's parents, a truly great wrestling family. Thank you
  2. 138- North Montgomery holiday dual Kitko dec harrington 7-4
  3. You can't pick a nickname for yourself Pdiddy.
  4. Just for meaningless stats, not to embarrass anyone individually. Although, maybe that would encourage them to do a little better if it were announced before every match for every wrestler the entire season.
  5. NOBLESVILLE has had 2 runner ups and a couple dozen placers but no champs.
  6. Wrestle backs and a jv tourney sounds good.
  7. Does it look like a tube top when you wear it?
  8. Don't worry about matching pound for pound the lighter ones work better for most for improving techniques, the dead weight is harder to move so you don't want it to be too heavy where you're in bad position just to execute the techniques and lack of momentum. The most important thing is to name them. We have 2 and both are russian.
  9. I think that it will depend on how much weight that "grades" carry, otherwise it's a no brainer- Red
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