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  1. They need one for regular season to , with all the recruiting going on now a days ...
  2. tommyho

    Weight cut

    if you don't like to see kids cutting weight then they need to lift weights.. most kids cutting do it cause at there more natural weight they are not strong enough to compete
  3. and Dtaylor has pinned winland, beat C taylor, and is 1-1 with nisley
  4. 132 taylor from mc has beaten 3 of the 4 some have qualifying
  5. I need a contact number for someone in charge please or call me at 219-229-0894 we r suppose to attend north regional
  6. so in order to qualify for this u need to lose at sectional or regionals ? or can a jv kid who didn't wrestle in sectionals also allowed to enter? and will you need to preregister ?
  7. oh yea forgot about lemley, bates put on a lot of weight for football seems. this summer he wrestled a lot of 152 I think
  8. which prolly means bates heading down to 160, hes to good to not be varsity
  9. that dembowski transferred to Chesterton. if true they r gonna b loaded this year cause they r adding like 3 stud freshman also.
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