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  1. no, that's not right. its in the hands of politicians and officials worried about fall out with lawyers. its not in the hands of 18-20 year olds who want to compete and live a normal life devoid of media and political opinions....
  2. 140 in '89, 195 now, on a good day.. I was bigger and stronger my senior year than my boy in his senior year by 2lbs:)….
  3. Top 10 matchups at HCC: 106 - #1 Miller vs # 4 Schoeff 126 - #1 Rioux vs #7 Montgomery 138 - #2 Campbell vs #7 Wagner 145 - #10 Luhmann vs #11 Reynolds (believe this is a rematch from earlier in season) 195 - #4 Farrell vs #9 Street 220 - #7 Young vs #8 Jones 285 - #1 Keys vs #2 Irick / #9 Alexander
  4. They should then hand each of them one of those big rubber hammers used to smack the gong thingy too, that make it even more exciting
  5. Agree, Crown Point looks good and they certainly out wrestled Brownsburg at 126 and 160. Junior looked great and totally controlled Montgomery. Would like to have seen how things would've turned out with both teams being complete, Crown Point at 138 and Brownsburg's absence at 170. Was really looking forward to that potential 138 finals match, but disappointed when brackets came out yesterday. That 106 match was awesome, and that 120 match was pretty good too with Diaz. Was surprised to see how competitive 145 finals was and that 8th seed 182 champ coming through and winning was rewarding
  6. I have two picks, not darkhorses to win, but to make it to state. Columbia city kids Forrester and Sheets. I remember these two boys from 9-10 years ago when the fledgling brownsburg elementary team always travelled up and wrestled in Columbia city. I believe both have placed in ISWA state in their bantam/novice days.
  7. gonna be a dog fight this weekend, great match ups, good wrestling to watch. dogs pushing one another, I wager a dog team win:) The cats will be left behind mewing and fawning over one another on forum posts.
  8. Montgomery was 5-0 at 126. Yappi post has wrong name listed at 126 Brownsburg.
  9. Brownsburg Results; team followed by ranked wins: BBurg 65 Mason 3; Miller defeats #1 Najdusak (IMO biggest win of tournament) BBurg 55 Ashland 12; Garcia defeats #9 George, Campbell defeats #13 Cook, Keys defeats #6 Bever Bburg 60 Harrison 8 BBurg 65 Lebanon 6; Campbell defeats #5 Marsh, Asbury defeats #13 Marsh Bburg 59 Fairfield 12; Keys defeats #18 Smith
  10. Pulled the below off Ohio forum: 106 - Indiana -#2 Logan Miller (Brownsburg) // #12 Bryce Lowery (Roncalli)**Ohio-#1 Najdusak (Mason) 113 - Indiana - #8 Kody Glithero (Roncalli) // #14 Braden Haines (Brownsburg) 120 - Ohio-#6 Ditullio(Mason) // #9 George(Ashland) // #13 Newark (Fairfield) 126 - Indiana - #2 Brayden Lowery (Roncalli) // #3 Kysen Montgomery (Brownsburg)**Alabama -#1 Reaves (HT)
  11. Hope to see some good possible match ups. Mason looks to be better this year than past couple years; add in a handful of talent in Fairfield, Harrison, and Ashland and should get some decent matchups with OH vs IN guys. Yappi wrestling has a good summary of OH/IN ranked wrestlers. Hopefully the Ohio teams wrestle their kids straight up and not hold back their ranked kids versus ours, recall match ups not happening in last couple years with the exception of Mason.
  12. Nope, but been around a long time and seen a lot through all age groups and talent levels, so yes, my comment may not be valid to you, but it is to others. Simply going on a forum and spewing hate is not very prideful as your username would suggest, perhaps you should change your username.
  13. Although I wasn't at Circle City Classic, I was the tournament director at the Brownsburg JV Invite today where Franklin Central had a good group of young JV kids. I can say Franklin Central's boys were respectful, well disciplined, and well coached team. Your comment doesn't seem to align with what I've seen first hand from the FC squad and coaching staff. Doug Campbell
  14. Agree with Matt, definitely a pin. I was watching that match intently as it was of much interest to me and a boy of mine. Congrats to Logan on a well deserved win
  15. I wonder how many of todays Indiana HS top talent kids haven't wrestled with or been influenced by Bryan. I would be willing to say 0. Bailey's have certainly left their mark on Indiana wrestling.
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