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    gsmith58 reacted to Caleb Spires in The Mendez effect   
    Making predictions = slimy individual. Got it.
    Time to discontinue the pick em contest.
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    gsmith58 got a reaction from FCFIGHTER170 in The Mendez effect   
    LOL, call me slimy. I'm betting for him.
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    gsmith58 got a reaction from Sig40 in The Mendez effect   
    I'd be happy to take odds. I'll give you the Indiana field and three years (well 2 and half) to come up with a one point loss or a win.
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    gsmith58 got a reaction from 4U2NV in The Mendez effect   
    I'd be happy to take odds. I'll give you the Indiana field and three years (well 2 and half) to come up with a one point loss or a win.
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    gsmith58 got a reaction from FCFIGHTER170 in The Mendez effect   
    I'd be happy to take odds. I'll give you the Indiana field and three years (well 2 and half) to come up with a one point loss or a win.
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    gsmith58 reacted to Y2CJ41 in The Mendez effect   
    Littell is pretty darn good, without injuries he'd be flirting with being a 4-timer also. He has a hit list of who's who in Indiana wrestling
    Alec Viduya
    Blake Boarman
    Brayden Lowery
    Riley Bettich
    Hunter Watts
    Cayden Rooks
    He placed at Fargo and Super 32 and lost a 1-0 match with Jesse Mendez. Like @IndianaWrestlingGuy said, if he's there you wouldn't have seen the amount of athletes headed to 126.
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    gsmith58 reacted to Thor in The Mendez effect   
    Unless Nic Bouzakis transfers to Cathedral, no one in state will touch him in his career. 
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    gsmith58 got a reaction from Sig40 in The Mendez effect   
    While that might be true, there are problems and then there are PROBLEMS.
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    gsmith58 reacted to pjayroza in It’s Time   
    If you want to grow the sport, I do believe having more than 1 class would be the way to go.  I really have no good argument against moving towards multi-class in order to grow.
    However, for strictly my greedy viewing purposes, I love the one class for individual wrestlers.  (As a team, I have no issues with classed wrestling.)  Knowing who the best individual in the state is something that I do appreciate watching every year.  I understand that most of the champs would come out of the larger class, but rooting for that underdog under the lights is a feeling that is unexplainable.
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    gsmith58 reacted to SWINfan in It’s Time   
    You killed your own point with this one.  Using 3 of the best wrestlers of this generation is misleading.  but take David Taylor for example.  Do you not think a freshman or sophomore David Taylor would not have liked a shot at whoever won the Div. I Champ?  And other DII or DIII Champs wouldn't like a chance against the DI Champ? You then mention great Champs at smaller schools.  No one says a DI or DIII Champ isn't great, it's that they are not the ONLY Champ.  Big or small school champ may be better, but that's not always clear.  No one says any don't matter, just that they are joined by others with the same title of State Champion.
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    gsmith58 reacted to Jcjcjc in It’s Time   
    Are any high school basketball games well attended anymore? 
    Attendence at games has plummeted since class basketball has been implemented....and yes, I’m sure it isn’t the only factor.
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    gsmith58 reacted to aoberlin in It’s Time   
    Nope. Just have wrestlebacks and our system is perfect. Division individual State Champs are lame. If you want more kids to wrestle act like it is a business and have some charisma and sell it. Class wrestling only adds water. 
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    gsmith58 reacted to Swamp123 in Team State Draw Show   
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    gsmith58 reacted to graham in Team State Webcasr Cost   
    I heard they charge you an additional $15 if you put that code in. 
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    gsmith58 reacted to bluemonster in Weight certification   
    I’m not sure who he is that your referring to but if Mr. Bailey gets on her to address a problem rest assure it’s a PROBLEM. 
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    gsmith58 reacted to ShawSki in Mater Dei Holiday Classic - Results & Discussion   
    Gilbert is one hell of a wrestler.. especially for a freshmen 
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    gsmith58 got a reaction from JMILL in THE Mater Dei Classic Preview (76 ranked wrestlers) UPDATED   
    Depending on Hammack's size at 106, I wouldn't be surprised to see him make a run. I think he is under the radar.
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    gsmith58 reacted to navy80 in THE Mater Dei Classic Preview (76 ranked wrestlers) UPDATED   
    He’s my dark horse for sure and he’s under the radar. I think give him some time to bulk up to 106/113 and he’ll be a placer. 
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    gsmith58 reacted to julia2009 in Elementary Wrestling Club   
    CIA holds their practices a Lawrence North High School.  They practice Sunday, Monday’s, and Wednesday’s from 630-800. Cost is $80/mo.   They typically have three coaches in the room.  
    I know of people that drive from your area, even farther NE to come.  
    You can reach out to Brady Eppert, the owner for more info.  
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    gsmith58 reacted to Frank Ingalls in Southport vs Fishers in the Rankings   
    I'm the head coach at Fishers High School. All three teams (Fishers, Southport, and Franklin Central) are very close in dual meet strength. I'm not debating who is more worthy of a ranking. I just wanted to get on here and point out that at the New Castle Invite, Fishers was not at full strength. We had four starters out (two of which were Semi State Qualifiers last year). One of our backups did very well, but the other three did not fare so well that day. So, the New Castle invite was not a good gauge, in my opinion. Something to take into consideration. I think it's great that all three teams are getting some exposure. Good luck to all during the second half of the season. Thanks for reading.
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    gsmith58 got a reaction from graham in Southport vs Fishers in the Rankings   
    I take your point and I agree in principle. However, that really only works if the ranking are quantifiable and objective measures; they aren't always. By what measures did Fishers and Franklin Central get ranked ahead of Southport? We've never wrestled them in a dual. There is a level of subjectivity involved and that's the fun. And for what it's worth, we received the trophy at New Castle, so someone used some type of criteria to award it to us over them. Just say'n 😉
    Besides, I'm simply trying to get some visibility and to have folks take into consideration new information. It's about reducing uncertainty, not expecting certainty.
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    gsmith58 got a reaction from Coach Moore in Southport vs Fishers in the Rankings   
    No, I'm not challenging or even remotely criticizing the rankings. It's certainly feasible that Fisher &/or Franklin Central would beat us in a dual, but they might not. 
    What I have is what you see at the top of this post. I am sure there are defensible positions as to why Fishers and Franklin Central were ranked and we weren't. I'm just pointing out what I see, nothing more, nothing less. For all I know there are many deserving teams that should be considered above us (or above Fishers and Franklin Central).
    The rankers do a great job, and I certainly understand you can't please everyone (sometimes anyone). This was not intended as a criticism of the rankers.
    What I do know is where there is a lot of noise signal can go unseen.
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    gsmith58 reacted to VintageGhost in Southport vs Fishers in the Rankings   
    Maybe Bluemonster can start doing New Castle team rankings. I’m sure Southport would be ranked top 10. 
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    gsmith58 reacted to RASSLER4LIFE in Southport vs Fishers in the Rankings   
    Typically, if you both finished 5-0 on the day and obviously didn’t wrestle head-to-head, they will add up all of your team points and the one with the most is declared the winner. 
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    gsmith58 got a reaction from pritchem in Southport vs Fishers in the Rankings   
    H!. I wish we could, but we have county, and the coach isn't particular inclined to my suggestions  
    I know a number of the wrestlers on Fisher, they're good kids. I didn't and don't want my post to be misconstrued as maligning their accomplishments. I definitely root for your 106 through 126 whenever I can (except, of course, against our kids). Hey, they're all CIA alums.
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