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Everything posted by Justin Ratliff

  1. Diesel City Folkstyle Championships Date: February 10, 2019 Location: Columbus North High School 1400 25th Street Columbus, IN 47201 Tournament Director:Justin Ratliff 812-525-7304 cndogswrestling@gmail.com SANCTION - ELIGIBILITY Tournament is sanctioned through the Indiana State Wrestling Association by USA Wrestling and is open to all 2017-2018 ISWA/USA Wrestling members. ENTRY FEE:$20 AGE DIVISIONS: Pee Wee – Junior REGISTRATION & WEIGH-INS Register on www.trackwrestling.com Registration closes at 6pm EST on Saturday, Feb. 9th. Weigh in with singlet Saturday, Feb. 9th from 7-7:30pm or Sunday, Feb. 10th 8-9 am. Tournament Start Time: 10am AWARDS: 1st Place will earn a pair of custom Diesel City Champion fight shorts. Medals for 2nd-6th Team Points Competition: Plaques for team champion and runner up Small team division 1-7 wrestlers Medium team division 8-14 wrestlers Large team division 15 plus wrestlers All Star team division Top 15 scores (All Star Teams = Academies or teams comprised of wrestlers from different clubs/states) DOOR ADMISSION $5 per person, $10 per family 5 and under are free. Coaches free admission with current USAW coach’s card. All licensed officials for this tournament! Additional Information: Out of state wrestlers welcome. Pairing official will combine weights where necessary. Concessions available. Equipment and Apparel for purchase. Team and individual photos available on site. United States Marines official sponsor! USAW cards required purchase at www.usawmembership.com Diesel_City_Folkstyle_Championship__1_.docx
  2. Justin Ratliff

    Diesel City Folkstyle Championships Feb. 10th, 2019

    Correction: Columbus North High School 7-7:30pm Enter door 36 1400 25th Street Columbus, IN 47201 Jen Ratliff 812-350-8999
  3. Justin Ratliff

    Diesel City Folkstyle Championships Feb. 10th, 2019

    Correction!!! Martinsville CEC 12-1pm Enter main entrance (Will not be unlocked until 12pm) 389 East Jackson Street Martinsville, IN 46151 Contact: Matt Ostler 812-360-1328
  4. Justin Ratliff

    Diesel City Folkstyle Championships Feb. 10th, 2019

    Saturday Official Weigh-in Locations: All weigh ins are scratch weight! Weigh in with competition singlet/fightshorts-compresion top Floyd Central High School 7-8pm Gym at the West side of school 6575 Old Vincennes Road Floyds Knobs, IN 47119 Contact: Nancy Campbell 317-504-9752 Madison Consolidated High School 1-2pm 743 Clifty Drive Madison, IN 47250 Contact: Dustin Bentz 812-493-2164 Columbus North High School 7:30-8pm Enter door 36 1400 25th Street Columbus, IN 47201 Jen Ratliff 812-350-8999 Martinsville High School 12-1pm Enter main entrance (Will not be unlocked until 12pm) 389 East Jackson Street Martinsville, IN 46151 Contact: Matt Ostler 812-360-1328 Indiana Combat Grappling 7-8pm 5623 East State Road 144 Mooresville, IN 46158 Contact: Brad Gradert 317-767-1976 Beech Grove High School 7-8pm Enter door 19S at back of school 5330 Hornet avenue Beech Grove, IN 46107 Contact: Holly Cochran 317-473-9714 Sunday Weigh-ins: Columbus North HS in Auxiliary Gym from 8am-9am
  5. Justin Ratliff

    Pee wee 80 pounders.

    Diesel City Folkstyle Championships in Columbus on Sunday
  6. Justin Ratliff

    Most Physical Wrestlers in the State..?

    Score, score, and score some more.
  7. Justin Ratliff

    Sectional Brackets

    Unless you took a screen shot before they locked everyone out. 😎
  8. Justin Ratliff

    IWL Championships

    The Indiana Wrestling League is a 16 team, K-6th wrestling conference where teams compete in dual meets throughout the season and culminates with an individual tournament called the Indiana Wrestling League Championships the week after ISWA Team State (January 13th, 2019). This tournament has two facets; Junior Varsity and Varsity. There is a team parade for each tournament. Each team can place 2 JV wrestlers in the tournament per weight class and one Varsity wrestler per weight class. The JV tournament is unseeded while the Varsity tournament has the top 4 wrestlers seeded. Both tournaments will have a team race for points with the top 3 teams receiving trophies. There will be a face off with spotlights and music for the championship of both JV and Varsity tournaments. The champions of the varsity tournament will qualify for Indiana Smackdown which competes in the AAU National Duals at Kingsport, TN April 12-14. Thanks to all of the coaches, parents, and wrestlers that have made this the most exciting youth wrestling league in the state of Indiana! The individual awards consist of 6" medals the shape of Indiana with the IWL logo for 1st-3rd place. Wrestlers will receive a custom wooden plaque for 4th-6th place. 2019 IWL Championships Venue: Centergrove High School Doors open at 7am, JV wrestling begins at 8am Varsity wrestling begins at 1pm Indiana Wrestling League Teams: Beech Grove Centergrove Columbus North Greenfield Central Greenwood Jennings County Madison Martinsville Monrovia New Palestine Perry Meridian Seymour Shelbyville Southport Southside Warren Central Good luck to all of teams competing this Sunday! Thanks to Tyson Skinner for putting together a live stream to showcase the talents and passion of these young wrestlers. Thanks also to Ryan Williams who spearheaded this 3 years ago and the IWL board members who have made this possible. Sincerely, Justin Ratliff President Indiana Wrestling League
  9. Justin Ratliff

    Christmas Sparty Michigan Duals - Wrestlers needed

    Only the school based duals are on December 15th. If you are putting together a team with wrestlers from different schools then the date for that dual is December 16th.
  10. Indiana Smackdown took a MS team to Taylor County, KY this past weekend to compete in the KWOA Fall Classic. It was a great tournament with 18 teams. Well organized tournament, good officiating, and great hospitality room! Great group of kids, parents and coaches. This was an individual tournament with a team points race. 5th graders are allowed to wrestle in MS tournaments in Kentucky. Indiana Smackdown placed 1st with 266 points, 2nd place McCracken County 244.5 points, 3rd place Walton Verona 187 points We had 15 wrestlers place: 4 champions, 4 runner ups, 4 3rd places, 1 4th place, and 2 5th places. 70 lbs Layne Horn Champion (5th grade) 70 lbs Ethan Curtis 5th (6th grade) 75 lbs Gunner Butt 3rd (5th grade) 80 lbs Jacob Shackleford 3rd (7th grade) 80 lbs Lane Kirchner 4th (6th grade) 86 lbs Brysen Hutt Champion (7th grade) 86 lbs Asher Ratliff 2nd (5th grade) 92 lbs Gauge Clark 3rd (7th grade) 98 lbs Blake Wolf Champion (8th grade) 105 lbs Evan Roudebush 2nd (7th grade) 105 lbs Mason Adams 5th (7th grade) 113 lbs Keegan Logan 2nd (7th grade) 121 lbs Ryder Searcy Champion (8th grade) 130 lbs Bray Emerine 3rd (7th grade) 140 lbs Michael Hutchison 2nd (8th grade) 140 lbs Brayden Rorick DNP (7th grade)
  11. Justin Ratliff

    ISWA Elementary Team State

    You guys are definitely making an impact.
  12. Justin Ratliff

    ISWA Elementary Team State

    I'm just wondering why I'm thinking like Pound sign TheCounty. Is that how you do that thing? 😜
  13. Justin Ratliff

    ISWA Elementary Team State

    Get out of my head Mattyb! Totally agree.
  14. I am taking an Indiana Smackdown team to a middle school tournament in Campbellsville, KY on Saturday, November 10th. This is an individual tournament with a team race for points. I can take 2 wrestlers per weight class. Weights that I need filled are as follows: 75, 92, 98, 105, 113, 121, 140, 168, 190, 240 If you are interested, give me a call/text at 812-525-7304. Or you can email me at cndogswrestling@gmail.com.
  15. Justin Ratliff

    Weights Needed for Indiana Smackdown MS Team

    We need the following weights. I have 3 days left to enter these into the line up. Please call/text me if you know of someone who might be interested. 152, 168, 190, 240 Thanks, Justin Ratliff 812-525-7304
  16. Justin Ratliff

    Weight cut

    I am going to echo this. Young men and women should not get left off of the hook for bad decisions until they are "out on their own". This is the same "let kids be kids" mentality that has been crippling generations of young men and women. Should we be raising our children to become children? That sounds crazy. But people are doing it everyday. Then when there are 40 year olds who suck at life people wonder what happened? While picking my 9 year old up from school yesterday we were a couple miles from the school and he realized that he forgot his math homework. He started crying about having to sit at silent lunch or something. He asked me to turn back and get it. Guess what? I did that Monday. First time was an accident. Second time was a mistake. Now he gets a consequence. It's that simple. Keep giving them consequences until they figure it out. Sorry for the rant. Just struck a nerve this morning. Carry on and happy Friday!
  17. Justin Ratliff

    ISWA Elementary Team State

    You can email Pat Culp and Ryan Parrish about your thoughts. I am sure they can give you insight as well as listen to your thoughts as well. I personally like to have more weight classes. The ability to obtain at least two wild cards should be sufficient to fill weight classes but that is up to each individual coach. I am going to wait until after the tournament to gauge the effects of the change before putting my 'official' two cents in.
  18. Justin Ratliff

    ISWA Elementary Team State

    I'm only speculating so take it for what it is. I think that there are two reasons behind the changes. The first being that the new weights mirror the new USA Wrestling weights. The second, I believe, that the thought was because it is harder for some schools to fill a 40 lb class and a 150 lb class. I don't mind the change from 40 to 43. I am sure that they looked at the data from previous tournaments and saw that schools had a tougher time filling the 40 lb weight class and some of the upper weights. They kept 175 so that schools could fill it even with a kid weighing 131. Many schools have bumped 150 lbers to heavyweight in the past. I don't like that they took a weight from the bigger weights and lump a whole group of kids in heavyweight. I think it takes some opportunities away from some kids. If we go to team state, then I'm going to have about 2-3 kids that won't get to wrestle. In the Indiana Wrestling League, or IWL, we are keeping the weights the same and actually have a super heavyweight added to promote more wrestling opportunities for Indiana kids, forfeits be damned. The culmination of our tournament at the end of the is an league All-star team taken from the champions of each weight. Those champs will be put on a team for the Kingsport duals in Tennessee during April.
  19. Justin Ratliff

    Weights Needed for Indiana Smackdown MS Team

    Need a 75, 92, 168, 190, 240. Give me a call at 812-525-7304.
  20. Justin Ratliff

    Weights Needed for Indiana Smackdown MS Team

    75, 113, 168, 190, 240 are needed now.
  21. Justin Ratliff

    Weights Needed for Indiana Smackdown MS Team

    Need the following weights now: 75, 113, 140, 168, 190, 240
  22. Justin Ratliff

    Weights Needed for Indiana Smackdown MS Team

    Weights still needed are the following: 70, 75, 113, 140, 168, 190, 240 This is going to be a fun tournament. In Kentucky, 4th and 5th graders can wrestle in MS. Top 3 teams in the points standings will receive a trophy. We have a good team put together so far. Just need these weights filled. If you are interested, get a hold of me at 812-525-7304.
  23. Justin Ratliff

    Indiana History Pages

    This is very cool! When was the first state tournament? 1922?
  24. Justin Ratliff

    USAW New Weights/Age Groups

    I wonder what the weights for the Peewee class will be for ISWA State?

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