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  1. Is Mooresville the most difficult sectional to make it out of in the state? I choose a few random sectionals as a sample, along with the genius ratings to rate teams from best to worst in the state. What are the other toughest sectionals in the state? Some of the the other sectionals are very top heavy with 2 teams in the top 30 but very few other teams even competitive. Mooresville Sectional- 10 teams - Average ranking 90 - only 2 teams ranked below 120 Avon Sectional - 11 teams - Average ranking 145- 6 teams ranked below 120 Southport Sectional- 10 Teams- Average ranking 190- 7 teams ranked below 120 Mishawaka Sectional 9 teams- Average ranking 160- 6 teams ranked below 120 Bloomington South Sectional - 11 teams - Average ranking 117 - 6 teams ranked below 120 Jennings County Sectional - 11 Teams - Average ranking 181 - 7 teams ranked below 120
  2. Coach Coop

    Whiteland vs. Carmel

  3. 4 point near fall 3 point take down 2nd injury time = 1 point and choice (too many kids using injury time as a break, and simply giving them the choice to go on bottom is not always beneficial) Allowing teams to enter more than 1 kid per weight at sectionals and individual tournaments ( would have to cap it at a certain #)
  4. The area is not going to be built up overnight but there is plenty of good being done and some programs on the rise. Getting kids and coaches to commit to the off season is the key like the other posters have said. I don't see the issue with re working the sectional-semi state every few years. I am not from the ft wayne area but from an outside perspective it looks like ft. wayne snyder which was once a power in the state is back on the rise, starting to see those kids at off season events which is great. Ill propose a short term solution to even things out.... Why not send a team like Brownsburg and a few others that are competitive north to Ft. Wayne? It would be a slight inconvenience for the sectional and regional but its a closer trip to semi state than their drive to Evansville. IHSAA already makes Tell City drive 1hr 15 minutes to Jeff for sectionals and regionals and they make Floyd Central and New Albany Drive almost 2 hours to Bloomington for regionals. All of the Marion,Johnson,Hendricks etc have a 2-3 hour drive to semi state as well. We should not use travel time as a reason this is not possible. This will give the Ft. Wayne area the opportunity to wrestle better competition and then have a reason to schedule more teams in the central part of the state, thus getting better. The Mooresville regional had 7 state finalist and 19 place winners this past weekend and the area is only getting better schools like CG are loaded at the MS level, Franklin Community returns all 14 starters, Plainfield is on the rise and Brownsburg and Avon are clearly not going anywhere. Why not distribute the wealth of talented wrestlers and re-evaluate and realign every few years. I am not hating on the Ft. Wayne semi state here but we should not have a regional out scoring a semi state at the state tournament.
  5. Not trying to put any pressure on my kid but he doesn’t even know this messageboard exist. Keandre Watson Columbus North started wrestling last year as a freshman, he is a 2x semi state qualifier. Lost to 8th place finisher Brycen Denny 5-2 this year... lost by decision to Rooks in the sectional and regional finals. Keandre finished 7th at freshman and sophomore state last year and 7th at freestyle state last year as a first year cadet. Teched 2x state qualifier Tanner Schoeff at freestyle state. maybe not on the same level as Rumph but definitely a kid who could be a 2x placer depending on the weight class.
  6. I assume Its very rare to be 3 sport all state.
  7. Brigham Kleinhenz: Columbus North State Qualifier @ 170 is also a 6A All-State middle linebacker, and a state qualifier in track for pole vault.
  8. Brigham leads 6a in solo tackles with 82, leads 6a in tackles for loss with 13, is 3rd in 6a in total tackles with 109 he is having a great season!
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