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  1. I feel like there would be ways to incentivize it. Make Greco first and if you wrestle Greco, you get a 5lb allowance for Free or something along those lines. Veazy and the rest of them doubling up are studs.
  2. Nick Hull and Cory Graham are running it. And I know Brownsburg, outlaws, death squad and others are wrestling
  3. Lots of great matches, 500+ kids, and done by 6pm. Great tournament
  4. If you need to weigh in for the Brownsburg Freestyle and Greco Tournament Sunday 4/10/2022, you can weigh in after practice
  5. I’ve seen a lot of comments about how team state needs to be in a major venue, but before when it was IHSAA it was at Center Grove. It would be really cool to be at Hinkle Fieldhouse, but I think each class having its own location eliminates a lot of the problems that were experienced when it was in one venue. Spotlighting the finals under the lights was definitely a very cool experience this year for 4A
  6. 10 dual weekends plus the extra 7 matches from the team state series
  7. Setting up mats and cutting on thanksgiving day was a lot of fun
  8. It was the Lawrence Central 10 way. It sucked
  9. I remember a match at junior duals with him that ended 28-25 or something crazy because they kept head locking each other
  10. Billy Naegle headlock against #1Dosher
  11. Should be rolling deep with Purple Bulldogs. Jake Hockaday--State Champ, Brady Ison 3rd and SQ, Gunner Henry 3rd, Mason Day 5th Frosh/Soph
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