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  1. We have potential assistant coaching openings for the 2019-2020 season with the returning Team state Runner Ups. We will have teacher openings as well. Please contact Head Coach Jim tonte. Jtonte@warren.k12.in.us for details.
  2. mikemorgan

    Chad Red

    Although, if he doesn’t beat Yianni. His blood round would be Carr again.
  3. Are the lineups posted anywhere?
  4. mikemorgan


    Happy birthday to the first wrestler in the state of indiana
  5. Can someone explain why we are not scoring the first round of semi state?
  6. mikemorgan

    semi state draws

    152 Coleman vs Rodgers ticket round 170 McClain and Wagner in same quarter bracket as well
  7. mikemorgan

    Semi state history question

    Dibburn triplets from Perry Meridian. Not 100% sure that all three made it to semi state but two were state qualifiers.
  8. mikemorgan

    Who had a great day at regionals

    The Warren Central sectional had a good day with 34/56 SSQ
  9. mikemorgan

    Suite tickets for state

    Anyone need any tickets? Please inquire with Coach Tonte jtonte@warren.k12.in.us
  10. mikemorgan

    Gavin Rose

    Best wishes for a great kid! We hope everything is ok and he is good to go again by next weekend! - Coach Tonte & Dub-C wrestling team
  11. mikemorgan

    Warren Central vs. Avon

    Warren Central
  12. mikemorgan


    Brice Coleman
  13. mikemorgan


    Carlos Mitchel
  14. mikemorgan

    notable matches and upsets week of 1-2-19

    Dennis Hubbard wc over #4 John Harris Roncalli
  15. mikemorgan


    Jevian Ross

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