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  1. V2 seems to help keep a lot of guys out and improves the skill level of those middle tier guys
  2. We are needing to schedule a dual in January. Shoot me an email at mike.morgan86@gmail.com if interested.
  3. Was that no All americans period? We didn’t have a greco AA either
  4. When was the last time we didn’t have a Men’s JR AA?
  5. Coleman with a big win over defending Fargo Runner up and current UWW Junior 6th place finisher.
  6. Congrats to Brownsburg for making the Semis. Good luck the rest of the way. We had a great dual with back to back State Champs From Reynolds PA. #46 in the country. Came down to the last match and got it done. They even had three place winners from other teams in PA. Warrior Elite Gld defeated RHINO Grey 30-24 106 - Kane Kettering (RHINO Grey) over Kyrel Leavell (Warrior Elite Gld) Fall 5:54 113 - Carleton Perry (Warrior Elite Gld) over Cole Bayless (RHINO Grey) SV-1 2-0. (State qualifier PA) 120 - David Pierson (Warrior Elite Gld) over Beau Bayless (RHINO Grey) Dec 7-5. (4 time state place winner, champ, #11 in country) 126 - Christopher Stewart (Warrior Elite Gld) over Adam Wilcox (RHINO Grey) Dec 7-6. 132 - Jeivan Ross (Warrior Elite Gld) over Dreyvin Livingston (RHINO Grey) Fall 1:27 138 - Aundre` Beatty (Warrior Elite Gld) over Kaeden Berger (RHINO Grey) Dec 9-5. (State place winner) 145 - Paniro Johnson (RHINO Grey) over Jajuan Anderson (Warrior Elite Gld) Dec 6-5 152 - Brice Coleman (Warrior Elite Gld) over Kenneth Kiser (RHINO Grey) Dec 6-5. (State runner up) 160 - Damon McClain (Warrior Elite Gld) over Landon Caldwell (RHINO Grey) Dec 11-4 170 - Cole Toy (RHINO Grey) over Deyonte Allen (Warrior Elite Gld) Fall 3:01 182 - Bryce Mccloskey (RHINO Grey) over Keon Sullivan (Warrior Elite Gld) Maj 9-0 195 - David Craig (Warrior Elite Gld) over Braydon Herbster (RHINO Grey) Dec 8-5 220 - Wyatt Owen (RHINO Grey) over Carlos Mitchell (Warrior Elite Gld) Fall 2:33 285 - Alexander Hernandez (Warrior Elite Gld) over Derek Skeehan (RHINO Grey) SV-1 4-2(state place winner) RHINO Grey's team score was adjusted by -1.0 for unsportsmanlike 152
  7. We have potential assistant coaching openings for the 2019-2020 season with the returning Team state Runner Ups. We will have teacher openings as well. Please contact Head Coach Jim tonte. Jtonte@warren.k12.in.us for details.
  8. Although, if he doesn’t beat Yianni. His blood round would be Carr again.
  9. Happy birthday to the first wrestler in the state of indiana
  10. Can someone explain why we are not scoring the first round of semi state?
  11. 152 Coleman vs Rodgers ticket round 170 McClain and Wagner in same quarter bracket as well
  12. Dibburn triplets from Perry Meridian. Not 100% sure that all three made it to semi state but two were state qualifiers.
  13. The Warren Central sectional had a good day with 34/56 SSQ
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