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  1. Goodwin takes down Brown (Flo #17) 4-2. WOW! Congrats Cody.
  2. Good luck to all the boys. “ it’s not just six minutes, it is what you do in that six minutes. Big shout out to all the coaches, doing a fantastic job. luv ya hawk! Q
  3. Heard the coaching staff added Scott and Dave Hinkel. Scott coached at Purdue University for 20 years and was Head Coach for 7 of those years.
  4. Cp dogs look out. A lot of talent and great coaches. Wow!
  5. Davison is a lock. Would not surprise me if the Chesterton heavyweight takes it all
  6. Amazing that the Merrillville AD and IHSAA Board member retires and they move the semi-state to EC. Should have been moved years ago, way to small of a venue to host a SS. It's not what you know it's who you know!! Classic IHSAA
  7. your are right experience could make the difference. Forget the lower weights this one is going to be epic. I am from the region and will always cheer for the region but this one will be huge.
  8. Hope I spelt his name right. Strength on Strength! WOW!
  9. 106 Konrath 113 DJ Smith 120 RED 126 Micic 132 Wilson 138 Lykins 145 Lecount 152 Macri 160 Corsaro 170 Stevenson 182 Rypell 220 Robinson 285 Bernard 1. Cathederal 107 2. Franklin 91
  10. you don't think mr. micic has not seen this before keep giving him a reason. Go mic bring it home.
  11. I will always back the Region and hope Mr. Hughes advances in the tournament. Saw him last week and I was wondering if he was sick. He looked slow and sloggish in semis. Good Luck Ken
  12. Drew Hughes with 4 pins. very impressive freshman. He will be tough to beat next week.
  13. As long as the Merr. AD is on the IHSAA Board the semi-state will be in Merriville.
  14. Read a article in the times interviewing t-shirts that mentioned he was going to wrestle in the Illinois dual. Also in the Iowa against the nation wrestling dual.
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