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  1. Are the team rosters posted for the teams from Indiana?
  2. K. Hughes loses 6-3 in Consolation round 6 to Pyke.
  3. Corsaro wins 152 Quarterfinal
  4. K. Hughes wins Consolation round 5
  5. K. Hughes wins Consolation round 4
  6. D. Hughes and D. Schurg both tough losses in Consolation round 5.
  7. Darden Schurg won Consolation round 4 at 132
  8. D. Hughes won Consolation round 4 at 126....the Freshman is still in the game.
  9. 152 update..... Corsaro won Championship round 3 K Hughes won Consolation round 3 Hiestand lost Consolation round 3
  10. Schurg won his first match in the 132 Consolation bracket.
  11. Bernard won his first match (2nd round). Hiestand and Hughes both won in Consolation bracket still hanging in there at 152! D. Hughes lost 4-2 at 126 Championship round 3.
  12. K. Hughes lost 7-2 in 2nd round Darden Schurg wrestling at 132 bye 1st round and lost 2nd round. Hasn't wrestled in losers bracket yet.
  13. Vinny Cosaro, Rhett Hiestand and Kenny Hughes all with 1st round wins at 152. Drew Hughes with a 2nd round win (1st round bye) at 126. Go INDIANA!
  14. Anyway you call it just wish we could have seen 45 seconds more of actual wrestling and never know what could happen
  15. It says the first round starts at 6pm est. Does anyone know what time the parade of champions starts? A little confused and don't want to miss it.
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