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  1. Chad Red vs Bryce Meredith

    It was completely uncovered before, and now Flo covers most events. Not sure what there is to complain about here? They arent going to send a crew to a tourney with travel expenses, equipment costs, etc for free. The same reason the preseason rankings magazine isn't handed out for free by Joe. I feel lucky we have Flo.
  2. WHO You got?

    Love Mason, and in his limited national tourney experience he has performed outstanding; however, Gable dominates these tourneys, won JR Worlds, and just won a college open tourney. As an Indiana guy I hope I'm wrong, but I dont think its close right now.
  3. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    Completely makes sense. Thanks for the response. Wherever you guys decide it's best for him to land next year, I look forward to following him & good luck at Ironman.
  4. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    Jesse is obviously a next level kid on the mat & seems like a great all around person. I look forward to watching him grow as a wrestler & young man moving forward. He put on quite a show in his division at MS Super 32. Did you contemplate putting him in the HS division, and what was the reason for not? Just curious.
  5. Freestyle State Numbers

    Tech High School was great. Make weight & hit Roselyn Bakery for some rat poop patries. Remember back then it was a 2 day FS tourney? You had to earn your way to Sunday every year.
  6. Spenser lee goes down in PA

    This also means he will be out for the match against Daton Fix at the Dapper Dan.
  7. Indy nationals

    Our mid weights to heavier kids always have a low numbers in their weigh classes here.
  8. Indy nationals

    Schoolboy 91 was NOT short on talent.
  9. THANK YOU Clark and Samuels

    Honesty one of the better things ive witnessed at the finals in 25 years.
  10. 2018 Mr Gorilla

    Not sure how you dont go 3 way tie. All dominant with similar resumes.
  11. here is the link to watch black vs rumph

    Watched without sound, and came away 12-11 Black. Great match.
  12. Suite Tickets

    A neighbor of mine is a partner at a large law frim in town that has a lower level suite. Neighbor wrestled in PA, and still follows the sport. I have asked him for years to get these tickets for the state finals for us, and every year he says they are gone months in advance. Mind you, he can literally get tickets to anything else held at BLF, but never state finals. My guess is a higher partner takes entire suite every year?
  13. Best excuses

    Honest question: Given these excuses, are most of these attitudes what coaches want in their room? I realize we want to do anything to grow numbers, but the more concerning losses to me are the kids that wrestle their whole life & quit sometime at the high school level.
  14. Fort Wayne Semi-State greatest wrestler ever

    I meant that semi-state.
  15. Fort Wayne Semi-State greatest wrestler ever

    They did in the early 90s. He won it 3X that I know of & possibly 4.