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  1. New Uniforms

    Best ones I have seen this year was Columbus East. I thought the fit on their shorts and shirts were ideal and looked good too. Everybody else I have seen wear the shorts I feel have been a little bit on the baggy side, but as far as functionality, there were no issues I seen during the matches. An ideal thing to do when introducing anything new however, is to reevaluate how it worked out for the year and make necessary adjustments. Crossing my fingers.
  2. 01/17/2018

  3. Calculating

    Well he is retired now, so he has a little bit more time on his ugh...hands?
  4. Official Weigh-Ins

    Yes, a team can per Mr. Faulkens get a weigh-in at another team's competition as long as they have their own weight sheet and coach present. This was mentioned to us by an Official at the Al Smith scratch meeting.
  5. Stealing from rage on the stage

    Nicely done! I love what the Wheeler program is doing and always a pleasure talking with them at events.
  6. 01/10/2018

  7. Notable win 1-6

  8. 01/03/2018

  9. Team state notable wins and upsets

    I believe the team with fewest misconduct points is the first criteria used. I am sure I will be corrected if I am wrong.
  10. Team State Video

    I agree. Pretty important aspect of the tournament, table help. I could only assume they did not realize the extra help that would be needed to stream the event. I again am confident that this will be addressed and the improvements implemented. See you in about a week!
  11. Team State Video

    My only gripe is not being able to see the entire mat. I don't think it is asking much to fix that aspect. It would have been nice to remove the bottle of water that was in the feed for the Portage/Brownsburg dual also. It is nice to finally have it streaming and I am hoping that as every year, improvements will continue to be made to better the event.
  12. 12/13/2017

  13. 12/09/2017

  14. 12/09/2017

  15. 12/09/2017