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  1. XCard

    Weight cut

    Do you guys weigh your kids every day? Just curious, if you see a kid working the system, do you feel it is the responsibility of the Coach to intervene?
  2. XCard

    Weight cut

    Everyone is inevitably going to make some type of weight cut in this sport, however I do agree with you Jenny that the extreme cut from kids should be stopped. Most of those guys that are cutting that much weight are probably still a top tier kid in either weight class. So why go thru the misery, and it is misery, of cutting all that weight. I can tell you from my personal experience, experience with other athletes, and with my own son, that my preference is going to be wrestle up the weight class. Feel good at practice all 5 days. Optimize that training time and let the weight come off progressively. Of course as mentioned here too, hit that weight room, because there is nothing that replaces strength at any level. I also disagree that there is no pressure from coaches and parents for most kids to make the cut and the decision is solely theirs. Maybe they are not aggressively telling them to make the cut, but not advising them otherwise when we know their decision make that cut, is a poor one, is just as bad. As Coaches it is just as much our responsibility to correct these bad decisions as it is to correct their wrestling technique.
  3. XCard

    Top 100 Career Wins

    So are we using an * for these?
  4. XCard

    NFHS Wrestling Rules Update

    I have seen it once before...
  5. XCard

    Team State Vote-In Results

    Those scores are for 2017-2018 Tournament, in which Cathedral chose not to attend after being snubbed for the 2016-2017 Tournament in the year they finished 3rd at the actual State Tournament.
  6. XCard

    Awesome job

    It's a shame though only one of them is State "Eligible". Oh, and an absolute fantastic job by Joe Caprino and everyone involved in putting this event together.
  7. XCard

    Big Ten

    At least he was talking on Mat 2, some of the other mats have been brutal!
  8. XCard

    Big Ten Tournament Contest

    How about Most Correct Champs as a tie breaker before the Team Champs and Score? 125 Lee 1 133 Micic 2 141 Lee 3 149 Retherford 10 157 Nolf 5 165 Martinez 8 174 Hall 7 184 Nickal 6 197 Moore 4 285 Snyder 9 Penn State with 151pts
  9. I do believe these are taped and played later, each separately. Looks like Iowa does a live broadcast of the finals. Best way they can show them all at the same time I imagine. On a side note, if they just went to ONE class, this would not be an issue, maybe they should just work harder at their broadcast.
  10. XCard

    Blake Boarman

    My hats off to this stud. Showed tremendous grit suiting up and wrestling through his injury. Looking forward to following the next few years!
  11. XCard


    Davison actually bumped up and wrestled Brandon Streck in our dual this year, it is in fact Brandon’s only other loss this year. It was a good match, 3-1 until last few moments when Brandon went for it and ended up giving up a takedown and backs.
  12. XCard

    Sprinting to get seats

    Maybe some common sense can prevail and people just be reasonable when saving seats. 1-2 per person in the section, anything more than that is unacceptable and if that group is not allowing you to sit down, I would advise notifying an usher. I enjoy reading the posts in which they remove the tape or sheets that are saving seats. I have never personally had an issue, but I think one of these years I am just gonna go around and purposely sit in "saved" seats!
  13. XCard

    Best Weight Ever?

    I agree with your take, I think when comparing deepest/best weight classes, I would only include the ones in which the accomplishments were from previous years. Most of your lower weight classes, which the majority are underclassmen, will always be stacked once you look back at them. 120/126 usually are the classes that we get to see the meat grinders, of course this is probably because the aforementioned underclassmen will eventually end up right around these weight classes when they hit their Senior years.
  14. XCard

    Who Should Keep The Bus Running?

    Do any of the other IHSAA sports have their Semi-States hosted in venue similar to we do for wrestling? I don't think this is true, but please correct me if I am wrong. I would be interested to know how much money is made renting out the Ford Center and Coliseum. I am betting that it is at best a push. We are spoiled in wanting bigger/posh venues for our tournament locations prior to the State Finals. I personally am OK with a High School hosting this event. I think it is good for the location and a good source of revenue that can help out their athletic programs. This leads me to another thing on my mind... Are we trying to emulate our State tournament too much prior to the actual tournament? The spotlights, face offs with a listing of accomplishments, arenas hosting the event, etc. I mean I think it is great, but I guess I would want some of this to be reserved for that third weekend in February. Discussion?
  15. XCard

    East Chicago weather report

    Storm is supposed to be Thursday into Friday. Hopefully cleaned up enough to travel on Saturday morning without restrictions.

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