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  1. Adding wrestler info help

    Back on the old site, there was a feature to add a significant loss or victory to a wrestler's profile on here. Where is that feature located now?

    Where you at #TheCounty? Getting out-done by your boys up north! #TheNastyNorth
  3. Let the good times roll

    In addition to what you said (partially in continuation), I expect to see many dark horses come from schools, whether it be incoming freshman or kids who are already in high school who may not have done as good as expected busted their behinds this offseason and are ready to cash in their hard work.
  4. Preseason Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings

    I'd take Ledesma over Lawson. One of the common opponent's they both had was Hall from Huntington North, with both of them losing to Hall but with Ledesma fairing a lot better than Lawson did (Ledesma lost 7-3 and 5-2 to Hall while Lawson lost 17-2 to him). I also expect Hall to make a big splash this year, losing to Demarco from Garret (SQ) last season at Regionals. Ledesma also fell to Demarco at semi state the first round with the same score if I remember right (or something close).
  5. Preseason Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings

    Caleb is haha, I was just doing my own stuff in the meantime just for fun. I can't near enough put forth the effort and quality he puts into his
  6. Preseason Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings

    You should probably talk with Joe on this one but I think Krider is going to go 26 and Standridge at 32. Krider wrestled 120 last year and Standridge wrestled 132
  7. FW Semi-State Rankings Pt. 1 (106-145)

    In my rankings I didn't include incoming freshman because I don't have the knowledge yet of their skill base. But, Sig40 made a reply on the post about who’s the best middle school wrestlers (Post was made last year, so all 8th graders on the list are freshman now), and the only freshman on that list that I saw that was from the FW Semi-State was Preston Teusch. He was ranked 19 as seen below- 19. Preston Teusch--8th grade--Huntington--90--(106) (2X Middle School State Champ, 5-2 at Middle School Nat Duals, Dominate the Dells Champ, NUWAY national champ, Indy National Champ) End Note- I do guarantee that there are some freshman that could make an impact that aren’t on that list, but I don’t know where to find them or who they are.
  8. FW Semi-State Rankings Pt. 1 (106-145)

    Yes, I've just been busy so I haven't had much time to work on it. Expect it within the week!
  9. FW Semi-State Rankings Pt. 1 (106-145)

    My bad! I mistook him for graduating last year. He has been added to them I just added what school they're attending. Want anything else aha? But my rankings have been updated ^
  10. Heres what I got so far, 106-145. Working on the rest in a bit! 106 1.) Brayden Curtis (1st 106) Yorktown 2.) Fernando Flores (Qual 106) Goshen 3.) Brayden Shearer (Qual 106) Garrett 4.) Nick Buchanan (Ticket Round 106) Prairie Heights 5.) Nate West (Ticket Round 106) Delta 6.) Jordan George (Ticket Round 106) Homestead 7.) Isaac Weimer- West Noble 8.) Jon-Matthew Spaw- East Noble 113 1.) Hunter Watts (2nd 113) Jimtown 2.) Tanner Schoeff (Qual 113) Central Noble 3.) Chris Schuller (Qual 113) Woodlan 4.) Joe Just (Qual 113) Carroll 5.) Wyatt Miller (Ticket Round 113) South Adams 6.) Logan Mosser (Ticket Round 113) Adams Central 7.) Zach Todd- Yorktown 8.) Evan Beasley (Ticket Round 113) Northridge 120 1.) Christian Meija (5th 120) Elkhart Memorial 2.) Nick Liter (Ticket Round 120) Adams Central 3.) Owen Krider- Carroll 4.) Beau Humphrey- FW Snider 5.) Braxton Rodriguez- Goshen 6.) Macaiah White- Eastern (Greentown) 7.) Kyle Lawson (Ticket Round 120) Bellmont 8.) Courtland Smith- Mississinewa 126 1.) Matt Gimson (Qual 126) Jimtown 2.) Hunter Cottingham (Qual 126) Western 3.) Xayvier Curtis (Ticket Round 126) Yorktown 4.) Jacob Hall- Huntington North 5.) Ryan Rasler- Prairie Heights 6.) Adam Ledesma- East Noble 7.) Zach Burrell- Angola 8.) William Fietcher (Ticket Round 126) Southern Wells 132 1.) Christian Hunt (2nd 132) Yorktown 2.)Conner Gimson (Qual 132) Jimtown 3.) Austin Moore (Qual 132) Central Noble 4.) Zane Standridge (Ticket Round 132) Carroll 5.) Jamari Price (Ticket Round 132) FW Northrop 6.) Tytus Morrisett (Ticket Round 132) Eastern (Greentown) 7.) Jon Ruble- Bellmont 8.) Zack Bullock- Maconaquah 138 1.) Eric Hiestand (Qual 138) Yorktown 2.) Logan Macklin (Qual 138) Adams Central 3.) Tyler Jones- Monroe Central 4.) Ethan Hicks (Ticket Round 138) Carroll 5.) Owen Eveler (Ticket Round 138) Northridge 6.) Joe Leazier- Churubusco 7.) Rhett Evans- Fremont 8.) Ben Macias- FW South Side 145 1.) Mason Winner (7th 145) Jay County 2.) Joel Arney (Qualifier 145) Carroll 3.) Xander Stroud (Qualifier 145) Elkhart Central 4.) Alex Barr (Ticket Round 145) Yorktown 5.) Eliseus Young (Ticket Round 145) Muncie Central 6.) Brady Wyro- Homestead 7.) Parker Bates (Ticket Round 145) Adams Central 8.)Zach Mounsey- Bluffton
  11. FW Semi-State Rankings

    I'm currently working on creating rankings for the FW Semi-State. For right now (because I'm not the best at these types of things), I'm having everyone be at the weight that they wrestled last year. Someone more skilled in this (and when season starts and we actually get kids #'s) can always go back and fix this
  12. Next big tournaments?

    There also is the Columbus Day duals in York, PA October 7&8
  13. Triton Wrestler Killed

    Condolences to the Scarberry family and all the friend's of this young man... alway's disheartening to see teens involved in fatal accidents
  14. NC SS Sneak Peek

    We going to be expecting more ranking livestreams?