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  1. Looking for a dual the week before Thanksgiving and one the week of thanksgiving. Also looking for two additional duals elsewhere. Possibly the second week of December or first week of January. Contact: coachjoycewebo@gmail.com
  2. Looking for 1 Dual 2017-18

    Western Boone is looking for a team to dual this season. Had a late drop and we need to fill the spot. We would prefer to host, though we are flexible. contact: coachjoycewebo@gmail.com
  3. Western Boone looking for 2 duals 2017-18

    Sorry, need has been filled. Thanks
  4. Western Boone is looking to add 1-2 JV/Freshman tournaments to the schedule this year, especially in November/December. Contact coachjoycewebo@gmail.com
  5. Western Boone looking for 2 duals 2017-18

    Home dual has been filled. Still looking for one away dual for this year, preference will be given to teams in the Crawfordsville Sectional.
  6. Looking for one home and one away dual for the 2017-18 season. Would prefer the week of Dec. 11th or Dec 18th. contact: coachjoycewebo@gmail.com