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  2. Best Incoming class

    Well one possibility that’s been talked about was joining Head Coach Alex Tsirtsis at Mount Carmel a top program in IL.
  3. Brownsburg RWO - Thursdays at 6:01PM

    NICE wrestling room Coach!
  4. Jeffersonville RTC Schedule

    Nice! I see former Castle stud Austin Ramsey (5th placer I believe in 2016) in the yellow shirt in the background!
  5. Dream Team Classic Recap

    Wow... we're very humbled by the recognition Ty's received this week. Without all the folks involved with the Dream Team Classic, all of this would have never been possible. While the recognition is nice, I don't want it to overshadow all the other great matches of the night. Every Indiana kid out there battled their hardest and it's awesome that a week later, this event is still being talked about. I think Brayton won the popular vote for this award and so we don't want to undercut him, but it's awesome that the Brownsburg program had 2 wrestlers in contention for this award. Thank you to all the coaches who's helped him become the wrestler he is today.
  6. Best Incoming class

    Why would he leave IN? We are one of the few states with a single class system where he can be 'THE' State Champ. Plus he has the chance to join the rare air of a 4x IN State Champ.
  7. Best Incoming class

    I hope he doesn’t get poached from Indiana.
  8. Dream Team Classic Recap

    Ty Mills is quite popular these days, he got the USA Wrestling Wrestler of the Week honors to go with The Open Mat's honor earlier this week. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Athlete-of-Week/2018/April/20/Ty-Mills-named-USA-Wrestling-Athlete-of-the-Week
  9. Team State Vote-In Results

    I believe its mostly due to the fact that it can not take into account factors outside of the ISHAA tournament like injuries, in coming 8th graders who are varsity material, quality JV wrestlers stuck behind a stud Senior, ineligible wrestlers, etc.... While the vote-in panel can not always pin down how much those factors will contribute to a team success, the group at least tries to evaluate those factors rather than just leaving them out completely.
  10. Best Incoming class

    Agreed, Mendez will dominate in High School
  11. Another big honor for @BHSDogsWrestlin's @ty_phoon_ #DreamTeam18 ??‍♂️ https://t.co/ONAmo6R06f

  12. Best Incoming class

    Wherever Jesse Mendez is going automatically has the best freshman class, he is going to be a stud and competing for national titles. Future 4 time state champ for sure.
  13. Major Off Season Events Left

    Looks like Eli is the top seed. Go get it big fella!!!!
  14. Best Incoming class

    My question for the 2018-2019 Wrestling Season is which Schools would be in the top 5 best incoming freshman class Top 5 program rebuilding Schools Top 5 underdog Schools in each Semi-State
  15. Hoosier RTC

    I fixed the attachment as it seemed there were some issues with it.
  16. Greenwood High School will host it's 2nd annual Southside Summer Duals on Saturday, June 16. Email for more info: jyates@gws.k12.in.us
  17. Mooresville Freestle open

    yes from 7-8am
  18. Major Off Season Events Left

    Eli Pokorney and Matt Lee are wrestling at the UWW Cadet Pan Am qualifier today.
  19. Indiana Midwest Classic Duals June 9th

    If anybody is going to be in need of a weight class- is there a free agent post yet?
  20. Major Off Season Events Left

    FC BOOM SQUAD going to Disney!!
  21. IndianaMat Disney Duals

    I have a 138 that would be interested
  22. Seymour Scramble ISWA Freestyle State Participation Qualifier Weigh-In: 5pm-6pm Start Time: 6:30pm Thurs. April 26th Seymour High School 1250 W. Second St. Seymour, IN 47274 Contact Adam Wolka awolka@scsc.k12.in.us or 812-569-3715 Divisions Bantam - Juniors Trying to get at least 3 matches in per wrestlers. Early Registration Email awolka@scsc.k12.in.us by Wednesday April 25th at midnight. Include Name, USAW Card #, D.O.B., actual weight. Early registration will be $10 cash per wrestler to be paid at the door on Thursday between 5:00pm-6:00pm. You will receive a confirmation email by Wednesday night, if you do not receive an email, please call Adam Wolka. Day of Event On- Site Registration Thursday from 5:00pm - 6:00pm. $15 cash per wrestler. Weigh-ins Everyone must officially weigh-in on site from 5:00pm-6:00pm. There will be no satellite weigh-in's earlier in the week. All participants should park in the front section of the athletic parking and enter into the into the main gym using the front set of doors (Door #19). We will pair the tournament up prior to weight-in's using your registration information, but will check weight for any major weight discrepancies before the competition begins. So, please make sure you are close to the actual weight you provided in the registration e-mail, if you want to remain in that weight group. Wresting Format & Schedule We will have full mats and licences officials at the event. Wrestling will start at 6:30pm. When possible wrestlers will be placed in round robin groups of 3-5 wrestlers. Trying to get around 3 matches in per wrestlers. Group will be organized by actual weight and age group. Additional Information This event is an approved qualifier for the ISWA Freestyle State Tournament. All wrestlers that wish to participate at the Freestyle State event must have participated in 2 qualifier events. This will count as 1 of the 2 required qualifiers. We will email the ISWA the information for all wrestlers who paid, weighed-in, and competed on Thursday night. Wrestlers must have a valid 2017-18 USA card to participate. Replacement cards will not be available on site on Thursday. Please make sure to purchase a valid card prior to this event. No Spectator Fee will be charged at the door.
  23. RT @ACTBrigitte: Liberals, you don't need to re-write The Constitution. You need to re-read it.

  24. Hoosier RTC

    @tbag Woooo..... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol Pete
  25. Major Off Season Events Left

    DC Elite (Decatur Central) will be attending Disney Duals this summer.
  26. Mooresville Freestle open

    Wrestlers can weigh in tomorrow morning ?
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