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  2. @oconnell_austin https://t.co/KlXrY8h8vq

  3. @Schoeny19 @PurdueWrestling About time! Take that Core Power to Vegas!

  4. RT @norm: So far you’ve survived 100% of your worst days. You’re doing great.

  5. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    Jesse is the next big thing for Indiana wresting
  6. LETS GO!!! MAUI CHAMPS! @NDmbb #GoIrish ☘️☘️☘️

  7. No bueno https://t.co/TrkvafUSzZ

  8. @ptoc134 Truer words have never been spoken...

  9. Toughest SS ?

    Craig has been around for a long time. Just add him to the list at 138 ESS..... Wow!
  10. Who is?

    I believe the name is pronounced "for-fight"??? His time is coming!!
  11. Toughest SS ?

    craig did beat campbell today. Stikes lost today as well.
  12. Mood https://t.co/RbImDdeqSN

  13. Toughest SS ?

    Unless he really picked up a lot of size we can add a very tough Owen Sego from Indian Creek in the mix too. I believe he's only a sophomore this year.
  14. Toughest SS ?

  15. Toughest SS ?

    170 @ EVV is going to be another exciting one. Gleason MappesCenter Grove 2Chase WilsonPrinceton 3Carson BrewerAvon 4Triztan CarsonDanville 5Zane BeinekeJennings County 6Devon StikesFloyd Central
  16. Catch The Bambino Family this week. https://t.co/qVPSEJysuj

  17. Who is?

    I saw a bracket recently where FF and his 2 brothers were wrestling!
  18. Triton Central Saturday

    Does anyone know what teams are going to be there?
  19. Toughest SS ?

    Not 100%,but i believe D.Craig (J.C) beat Campbell (B.D) today
  20. Yesterday
  21. RT @k_obrand: Stop Making Stupid People Famous S.M.S.P.F

  22. @TheKenChilds @LSM_eng How many of the start records does he already have? I'm not about to count...LOL

  23. RT @HERTweetx: avoid people who mess with your head. avoid people who intentionally and repeatedly do and say things that they know upset y…

  24. @HunterSams_ @D_Schmidt2 @7CaptainMorgan https://t.co/2gxz3AZp03

  25. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    Can't wait to get a load of this kid
  26. Winamac vs. Culver

  27. RT @codesforguys: Kangaroos ain't playing https://t.co/IbxxRwDWES

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