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  3. backtothemat

    Moves and Transfers

    Track says West Terre Haute
  4. We are extremely excited to welcome Vinny Corsaro and Brandon Wright to our Center Grove Wrestling Staff. The list of accomplishments for these two are exceedingly long. Vinny Corsaro -4x IHSAA State Place winner -3x IHSAA State Runner-Up -FloNational All-American -Junior National Freestyle All-American (Fargo) -Big Ten Wrestler (Rutgers, Indiana University) Brandon Wright -4x IHSAA State Place winner -2x IHSAA State Runner-Up -2x IHSAA STATE CHAMPION -Super 32 Runner-Up -Cadet National Freestyle CHAMPION (Fargo) -2x NAIA NATIONAL CHAMPION -2017 U.S. Open Runner-Up -2018 U.S. Finalist -Currently Ranked #4 in the U.S.A. at 61kg/134lbs. We are fortunate to add these two phenomenal individuals to our staff!!
  5. Coach Livingston

    West Vigo needs tourny on Nov 17th or Dec 15th

    Coach, we’d love to have you down. I can offer a discount since you’re traveling out of state WCI 2018 Flyer.pages
  6. Coach Livingston

    Center Grove Middle School

    Coach, I know this isn’t the 2/2/19 date you’re looking for, but we’d love to have your team down to Kentucky on 11/17/18. WCI 2018 Flyer.pages
  7. Register at Trackwrestling - http://www.trackwrestling.com/registration/BasicPreReg1.jsp?tournamentGroupId=60119132 WCI 2018 Flyer.pages
  8. Yesterday
  9. brickfor6

    Hobart Looking for Dual

    Hobart High School is looking to add 1 or 2 more duals to their schedule. If you are interested or know any school that is interested please contact... Zack Johansen zjohansen@hobart.k12.in.us 219-689-1613 OR Jason Cook 219-508-3170 THANKS!
  10. raven150

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Congratulations to Kurt Hess being named the NEW coach at Yorktown HS https://yorktownathletics.com/2018/08/01/welcome-coach-hess/
  11. bluemonster

    Moves and Transfers

    Where was he from originally?
  12. Wrestling Scholar

    Moves and Transfers

    The real question is: are any of the wrestlers going to get the big no, you're not eligible from the IHSAA.
  13. Mattyb

    Moves and Transfers

    Freshman Gabe Sollars had moved to Evansville MD. Could make an impact if he cracks the line up.
  14. Y2CJ41

    Moves and Transfers

    We were talking about GOOD wrestlers 😀
  15. Just had a change to our schedule and need to fill one of these dates for the upcoming season ASAP Let me know if you can help us out. Please contact Scott Rohrbach at ksr@vigoschools.org
  16. Cosgrove

    Moves and Transfers

    Shhhhh steve people dont know that
  17. We have 2 - 42x42 used Resilite wrestling mats for sale. Both mats are 3 section mats, Red with white lines. A "W" is in the corner of the mat and both sides of the mats are lined for competition. Both mats have minor damage, but are still very usable. If interested email: Brian Anderson, Head Wrestling Coach, Wabash College - andersob@wabash.edu
  18. Steven Sandefer

    Moves and Transfers

    I was a Penn kid once... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  19. doctorWrestling

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Former Ohio State wrester Michael Rodriguez was on last week's "The Inside Trip" podcast and discussed his time there. He was one of the wrestlers who was interviewed for the NY Times article. I am not 100% done listening to it, but nearly done. It is definitely worth listening to if you are interested in this discussion. While it is hard to believe what was going on there, it is very easy to believe once you hear him explain the situation that existed at that time and how 18 year old kids just don't know it isn't normal. I think its safe to say he didn't like that it was turned into a way to attack Jordan even though he said he strongly disagrees with Jordan's politics. I am sure everyone can hear what they want to hear, but that's what I took from it. Hopefully kids are more aware of predators at universities now a days.
  20. If you build it, they will come.
  21. FCFIGHTER170

    Moves and Transfers

    They sent butter fingers Ebron to us too
  22. Last week
  23. Y2CJ41

    Moves and Transfers

    They don't add an S to Lions play off wins though.
  24. poppem215

    Moves and Transfers

    In fairness we Michiganders add an S to everything. Meijers Krogers States etc
  25. Few high school have that luxury.
  26. Matthew Nelson

    What High School is Kamariyon Nelson going to?

    Ive been in alot of rooms, Ive never seen anything like it!
  27. Y2CJ41

    USAW New Weights/Age Groups

    I see, that is interesting. You'd have to ask someone way higher up to know how/why they modify that. Maybe our good buddy @JMILL could help us out.
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