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  1. What a horrible thing for a family to have to go through. I can only pray for the family because I don't what to say
  2. Last year my boy wrestled for Munster and we were hearing about Manning so how did you miss him? I mean we were 4 hours away ??? ??? ??? :o
  3. Writing from down here in S. Dearborn even I know that was a recruiting joke. Are you familar with Mishawaka?
  4. He still has threads on here. He was active this morning so we are probably just getting a small break from the one track vendetta machine.
  5. Last year the Post Tribune did a nice job with wrestling coverage but this year they tanked. I called and complained and left my contact info but never got a response. I can't stand the rest of the paper but the Times is doing better job now with wrestling.
  6. He took 5th in the 3a tournament and finished the season 36-6. I'm surprised with a 4-0 win over Cleveland. On the plus side Stevens moving up 9 lbs faced a tough kid and won.
  7. I think you are a little confused. He is saying Yorktown should have disciplined their wrestler and then would probably not have gone as far as they did.Everyone realizes this MHS team was a monster of a team and probably the best in the last 6-7 years at least.
  8. ??? I can't agree CP has an advantage getting to wrestle Mish in the first rd. It may not be as one sided this time but everything has to go CPs way to have a shot. I like your optimism, but not your logic.
  9. You are arguing with a moron. Instead of giving numbers covering 5 years he makes generalizations like "thanks for proving my point" he changes the method of rating then gives no numbers to support his claim. Oh yeah he can't spell either. loose and lose are different words. Didn't he promise to go away if he got to zero on the wahoo/boo rankings?
  10. In your case 2 more posts (50)
  11. Past statement by DNR Merr semistate would be the weakest without Crown Point Merrillville and Mishawaka. Fact/Result over the previous 4 years 14 state champs came out of the regional AFTER the 14 from those schools were removed from the total. 14 titles out of (56-14)=42 comes to 33% This year would add Macmurray,Porras,Cleveland and Ayersman out of the 12 available (14 -Roach and Tsirtis = 12) for a 5 year total of 18 out of 54 which continues at 33%. Consider your record for being right bashed
  12. How can that be when Dr Duck_and_run pronounced him fit without even being there? ???
  13. Hopefully Duck will read your numbers at http://indianamat.com/messageboard/index.php/topic,10036.msg79657.html#new and stop feeling the need to bash Merr. This must be the 4th or 5th thread I've seen where he gripes until proven wrong then starts on another thread.
  14. How can you talk about excuses? You are on the thread about the 160 clas saying Vlahos was cheated and making more excuses than Carter has liver pills
  15. Maybe I'm wrong but I thought you said earlier that you weren't there? If so how can you "call it as you see it"
  16. Your question was answered on page five by one of the assistants to the refs supervisor who identified himself by name. Quit questioning the kids integrity and read for Gods sake. >
  17. Merr. SS fans got tired of your claim that without Crown Point, Mishawaka and Merriville the SS was weak. Thats where a lot of trash got started. I noticed you never responded when I pointed out that 33% of the state champs over the last 4 years came out of Merr.SS AFTER you remove the 14 titlists from those three schools in that time period. You like math in your battles with y2 so do it here. 4 SS should equal 25% each.
  18. Phillips is a fantastic wrestler who I believe has never lost so he probably doesn't need adults to trivialize other kids sucess by saying they got lucky. Lets give Moss some credit.
  19. They only keep those for important sports like bowling. My local paper devotes a whole page to it once a week :
  20. I almost feel bad asking this question but in light of your preceding comments do you still feel 4th should stay home. Personally I'm glad he has a chance to experience state this year. It will help him have an even better senior season. As you can tell I like the 4th advancing, especially since we aren't getting wrestlebacks anytime soon.
  21. No, if you follow the thread from the beginning you see that he is pointing out wrestlers not allowed to compete due to a violation of a school rule should not be considered in a" hard luck" thread. At least one on the original list was a case in point.
  22. A lot of Mishawaka love here I don't know about Merriville SS winning 13 of 14 State Titles :
  23. I agree, a decision involves choice so that removes any vestige of luck from the situation.Of course kids don't always make the right choice and discipline with guidance helps put them back on the straight on narrow. I couldn't call a discipline case hard luck unless the kid had no knowledge of the rule or there were no alternate choices
  24. I agree about 119 but not 189, I think Atwood is head and shoulders above everyone.
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