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  1. wrestler012345

    Fairfield vs. Jimtown tonight on Broadcastsport.net

    What are some good matches to watch for tonight?
  2. wrestler012345

    Fairfield vs. Jimtown tonight on Broadcastsport.net

    wat time does the broadcast start
  3. wrestler012345

    *Official* Undefeated Wrestlers List

    Whats his record? I dont remember him being at ECIC
  4. wrestler012345

    Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings Updated 1-27 FINAL

    Where is Ketring from?
  5. wrestler012345

    Extreme Homemaker- Wrestling edition

    Y2 I heard you got a call to be on the next season of Survivor, is that true?
  6. wrestler012345

    Ranked Match-ups at Bellmont this weekend

    119 Luke Welch (#4) vs. Jordan Gilbert (#14) Welch by DEC 125 Jared McKinley (#1) vs. Layten Binion (#3) Binion by DEC(in OT)***Match of the day*** 130 Alex Gregory (#1) vs. Michael Brown (#14) Gregory by Pinn 145 Ben Farmer (#7) vs. Grant Anglemeyer (#12) Farmer by DEC 152 Doug Welch (#1) vs. Kirk Johnson (5) Welch by DEC 152 Kirk Johnson (#5) vs. Darius Marshall (#14) Johnson by MDEC 160 Chad Welch (#1) vs. Derek Harz (#9) Welch by MDEC 171 Ryley Hankenson (#5) vs. Austin Warren (#10) Hankenson by DEC 171 Austin Warren (#10) vs. Alex Hostetler (#13) Hostetler by DEC 189 Brad Busse (#10) vs. Sam Tasseff (#16) Busse byDEC 215 Travis Thatcher (#3) vs. Logan Cooper (#15) Thatcher by DEC 215 Travis Thatcher (#3) vs. Devin Reagan (#8) Thatcher by DEC
  7. wrestler012345

    Bellmont Super Duals

    What is some of the best individual matches to watch for throughout the whole day?
  8. wrestler012345

    Al Smith Finals Thread

    Hankenson looks really tough so far!
  9. wrestler012345


    If we are talking about wat if's, wat if the headlock was not thrown. Then the score is 14-1
  10. wrestler012345

    Most anticipated Al Smith match-up?

    I watched Binion and Kief's match and all i can say is wow. I was very impressed with Binion teching him. He was always in control, and not even once close to being taken down. I wouldn't be surprised if binion makes it under the lights this year.
  11. wrestler012345

    Most anticipated Al Smith match-up?

    I got Binion by major in this one, he is a machine this year.
  12. wrestler012345


    Alexandria's 103 Branson and South Adams 119 Pimental had a good day, and got some extra points for their team that many people would not have guessed
  13. wrestler012345


    125 and 145 looks to be the 2 best wweight classes, and should show a lot of good matches. Less than 12 hours till wrestling starts. Good luck to all teams competing tomorrow
  14. wrestler012345


    Now that I can see full brackets, here are my top 4 finishers in order, and yes i might have a couple upsets. 103: Rigney, Phenis, Branson, Bishop 112: Moser, Fiechter, Naselroad, Cox 119: Richman, Rascon, Kyle, Helm 125: Batt, Blanton, Gerber, Gordon 130: Lanning, Spencer, Wyatt, Hale 135: Bradely, Blanton, Handley, Watson 140: Sprunger, Webster, Walker, Jones 145: Ehr, Meska, Blanton, Walters 152: Smith, Leonhard, Boyd, Quinn 160: Simmons, Grogg, Hofsetter, Derrickson 171: Conrad, Logan, Werst, Craft 189: Crabtree, Garringer, Short, Lumpkin 215: Chalfant, Morris, Crigler, Shoemaker 285: Mitchel, Reyes, Rogers, Morningstar
  15. wrestler012345

    Ehr vs. Mullins

    Ehr is going 145 at ECIC only to help the team out. He made the decision himself but he is going to return to 152 for sectional time

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