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  1. I still say we need to get rid of 220 and add a weight class in the middle. 106 113 120 126 132 138 145 152 158 165 172 182 195 285
  2. frigginhurts

    Impact freshman

    this is silly. why would anyone care what another family is doing, whether it be holding a kid back or moving communities. you do what's best for your own kid and not worry about what other kids are doing. I have pros and cons for both sides of holding kids back but ultimately it's a personal decision to do what's best for your kid.
  3. frigginhurts

    Fantasy Wrestling State Finals

    you might be driving this rig now, but in a few years, CarsonB will be kicking you to the curb. the kid is a future star in the making. if #thecountyTMZ is smart.... theyll sign him to a long term deal now and lock him up... I would hate for #219, #812, or #thedirtysouth to snatch him away
  4. frigginhurts

    Down #s

    that's embarrassing.
  5. frigginhurts

    Fantasy Wrestling State Finals

    can't believe #thecounty doesn't own an "email shredder" they can let their spokesman use. I motion we use some indianamat funds to purchase one...technically it is the notorious that drives the traffic to this site so its only fitting that we help him out.
  6. frigginhurts

    Fantasy Wrestling State Finals

  7. frigginhurts

    Mendez vs. Watts

    Mendez vs Asa?
  8. frigginhurts

    Carson Brewer

    great win. he was probably a little over hyped at the start of the match. I was embarrassed by the boos. left a bad taste in my mouth for a champ that didn't deserve the boos. #pb&j
  9. frigginhurts

    Friday Night Over/Unders

    ou on 4s over 1s? the ou is 4.5 ill go under this year
  10. frigginhurts

    Article: Top 5 Storylines for #INWRState19

    good stuff... appreciate this and all of the other articles y2 put together.... kudos
  11. frigginhurts

    Moran vs. Seltzer

    I think Moran wins but there is value with seltzer at +175. seems like good odds.
  12. frigginhurts

    New Castle Semi-State altercation

    I'm still calling bs on this. no way does a high school coach get that upset and start ramming vehicles. makes zero sense.
  13. frigginhurts

    New Castle Semi-State altercation

    so ridiculous that it can't be true but funny none the less
  14. frigginhurts

    Carmel Disciplined for Sauna Suits

    There were consequences...time to move on. Not every rule break deserves suspension from the tournament. Good luck to all today!
  15. Can't go wrong either way... Was hoping for a tie though. Can't wait to see these two in the big ten

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