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  1. I would have to say caliboy as well. If you are loved by few and hated by/annoy many you are doing something right!!! Also always enjoyed a good post by ancient elder
  2. I am now helping coach at Kaukauna in WI. The team that hosts the Cheesehead it is pretty awesome event. Not always a good event to be locked into though haha it is a meat grinder.
  3. Are you serious they aren't streaming this year??? is that because they are at a "better venue" and cost more for it to be there so they don't want to lose the money from the admission?
  4. Man is it still gonna be on trackcast? That was sweet last year for me up here in Wisconsin.
  5. Didn't realize I did that well on the state pickems. I guess not even attempting to do ft wayne ss hurt me
  6. I will give it a try 106 Diep Murphy Nier Rhodes 113 White Smiley Servies Owens 120 Corny Starks Rutledge Culp 126 Red Uk McGhee Wright 132 Ellis McKinney Napier Vaughn 138 James Timberman Nunez Simpson 145 Warren Pruitt Smiley Wallace 152 Johnson Herrick Gibson Conley 160 Briggeman Milner Young Goddard 170 Nuckols Bear Marion Wilson 182 James, Knox Abbott, Clark, Kraiser 195 Tonte Burton Torres Smith 220 Morrow Grable Schjoll Cooper 285 Ridle Jackson Brogan Ewers have it 34(Wc) 22(AT) Haven't seen any wrestling this year in Indiana so i could be way off
  7. Perry has 11 number 1 seeds 2 number 2 and a 4 seed
  8. Actually the shelbyville/Warren (wherever it is this year) sectional is loaded lol
  9. I don't get the point of the pools then why not make it a round robin? Then you get a true champion and they wouldn't get more than 5 matches
  10. Is it a round robin once they get out of the pools?
  11. i think it will look more like this 1 EMD 2 Perry 3 Penn 4 WC 5 Carroll 6 Cathedral 7 Avon 8 Franklin with Carmel New Pal Bloomington South and Westfield drawn in
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