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  1. Or he can continue with being full of energy, with supreme confidence in himself and go on to have a great future. You know just differing opinions and all.
  2. How does he not respect the sport? I'm pretty sure he loves the sport and is more grateful for the sport than most.
  3. Tsirtsis got put on his back at state by a mater dei wrestler
  4. Preserve put her was classless in your opinion, because that is all it is.
  5. I heard a confident young man, and well deserved.
  6. Haha, we will see. I will take Red all day, everyday in a 10-5 type of match.
  7. Lukes Pletcher, Taylor Lemont and others would disagree about Lee being his toughest opponent.
  8. Do you have some examples of some matches where lesser opponents frustrated Red? I have watched some of his matches with the country's best and haven't seen this supposed frustration.
  9. What time does wrestling start and how much are tickets for Saturday?
  10. New castle had no feed last weekend.
  11. yeah, it is looking like wasted money so far. thats $5 i could have spent on half a soda next weekend in Indy.
  12. Yeah, the free one is working just fine for the Fort Wayne SS, but the one we paid for isnt working at all.
  13. It is a trackcast through trackwrestling. It costs $5 and is suppose to be covering all 4 mats.
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