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  1. Im usually a fan of the light weights but parris wins this one.
  2. Jake obrian was a 3xer in 2003 I believe.
  3. Looks to be doing great in nebraska so far. He could greatly benefit from a redshirt year,but he looks ready to compete now. Wouldnt be suprised if they pulled his shirt.
  4. Chad Red can just ask Jordan Burroughs about how to take a loss.
  5. It was his stalling vs a freshman Howe not the break dancing they were talking about
  6. I never saw any Indiana wrestling fans bashing Reece Humphrey for his antics after his wins. He was celebrated for having fun and enjoying himself.
  7. Craig weinzapfel? Angel was also briefly on his back before pinning Shane perky.
  8. Instant classic. Indiana wrestling is lucky to have witnessed Chad Red.
  9. Quite possibly the best Indiana highschool wrestler ever.
  10. The only reason to cut weight is if you arent at your optimal weight class, 7-10% body fat is considered optimal for most hs aged wrestlers. Proper diet and hydration should always be maintained.
  11. Red by 3-5 too smooth too quick.
  12. It would be interesting to see how some of the 3rd place guys would fare against the runner up assuming they both lost to the champ.
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